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6 Tips For A Clutter-Free Kitchen

6 Tips For A Clutter-Free Kitchen


What are the tips for a clutter-free kitchen space?

  1. Keep countertops as clear as possible
  2. Opt for cabinets over open-shelves
  3. Designate spots for everyday-use appliances
  4. Hang utensils and cookware
  5. Load dirty dishes in the dishwasher right away
  6. Use multipurpose kitchen appliances

Just looking at a disorganized kitchen can make you feel stressed and overwhelmed. What more if you have to finish making dishes on your messy countertops in a few minutes? With a clean space, you will have increased motivation to cook meals, faster preparation time, and an easier experience cleaning up! Transform your cooking area with these six clutter-free kitchen tips.

Keep Countertops As Clear As Possible

Kitchen countertop

You probably have numerous amounts of items on your countertops.  While this is not a bad thing—especially if it makes your life easier—having too many objects can make it look cluttered. This happens because the available space is used to store everything—from spices to used plates.

If you can, only keep items that are regularly used on your countertops—such as your favorite coffee maker. Keep non-kitchen items such as utility bills and electronics in other areas of your home, as these are at risk of getting wet. To reduce the clutter, store dinnerware, pantry staples, and spices on cabinets or shelves. 

Opt For Cabinets Over Open-Shelves

To add storage, you are probably thinking about adding shelving in your cooking area. While this is a good idea, the exposed look will give the appearance of a messy kitchen. Instead, opt for cabinets that can hide your complete spice collection and decorative dinnerware. Apart from making your space look minimalist, it can also protect your food from ants and plates from dust.

Another advantage of installing cabinets is its space-saving feature. You can also try sticking hooks to hang your kitchen items. From pots, ladles, and pot holders—the possibilities are endless. If you already installed open shelving, worry not. Keep it tidy by organizing your kitchen staples in pretty containers with labels.

Designate Spots For Everyday Use Appliances

Organized countertop with vegetables

Having numerous kitchen appliances is a normal. After all, they make your meal preparations easier and faster. But to keep your space tidy, don’t just put everything in one place. Instead, designate special spots for your reliable gadgets. This way, you’re creating a home for each object. After you use each one, they’re easier to put back in their place.

To give you an idea, you can store frequently used appliances on your countertops or the lowest shelf of an upper cabinet. A coffee lover will have a coffee maker out in the open while a rice-loving family will probably choose to place a rice cooker on the counter at all times. 

Hang Utensils And Cookware

Utensils and cookware can make your kitchen space messy. For these frequently used items, storing them in a cabinet might be a good choice. But if you need them for meal preps often, hanging them on hooks can keep them accessible while making your cooking area tidy.

Depending on your space, you can opt to install hooks on your backsplash, cabinet doors, or sides of refrigerators. If you’re not ready to put a hole on your walls, you can always purchase stick-on hooks with strong load capacity. There is a multitude of items you can hang—from ladles, pots, pans, towels, and mugs.

Load Dirty Dishes In The Dishwasher Right Away

Hanabishi dishwasher

Just looking at the dirty dishes piled on your sink can make you feel stressed. If you cook daily, the amount of soiled cookware can accumulate fast, leading to a cluttered kitchen. While it helps to wash them immediately afterward, most of you are probably busy with other tasks such as working from home and tending to your children.

Because every item in your kitchen should have a home, you should also designate an area for dirty dishes. Instead of your sink where food can attract nearby pests, a dishwasher is a better alternative. Each member in your house can load their soiled plates after eating, and you only need to press the button to wash them. This way, you can reduce your daily chores. The Hanabishi Dishwasher also comes with a sterilizer too!

Use Multipurpose Kitchen Appliances

To reduce the number of items in your kitchen, you can opt for multipurpose kitchen appliances that can perform multiple functions. For example, the Hanabishi HAFEO 23SS can air fry, boil, toast, broil, bake, and make rotisserie dishes. It is smaller than a traditional oven, which is recommended for homes with limited space.

Another kitchen appliance that can help you in various recipes is the Hanabishi HMCGRILL50, with 12 functions in 1! You can cook your favorite bulalo, kaldereta, lumpia, fried chicken, samgyupsal, and more in this reliable multicooker. Instead of keeping multiple pots and pans on your countertop, one appliance is all you need.

Key Takeaway

To prevent stress during hectic mornings, a clean and organized kitchen can be a tremendous help. With every item having its own home, you can reduce the need to reorganize and clean every single day. With these clutter-free kitchen tips, you can focus your energy on cooking the most delicious dishes to feed your family.

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