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Regular Appliances vs High-End Appliances: What's the Difference?

Regular Appliances vs High-End Appliances: What's the Difference?


What are the differences between regular appliances and high-end appliances?

  1. Features
  2. Quality and Performance
  3. Innovation
  4. Level of Noise
  5. Design
  6. Size and Portability
  7. Energy Efficiency
  8. Warranty Coverage
  9. Price and Value

If you’re contemplating whether to buy regular or high-end appliances for your home, this article will help you decide which is worth buying. We’ll be discussing the differences between regular and high-end appliances, some of which might surprise you. Hopefully, it will help you decide on the best kind of appliance for your needs.



High-end appliances typically offer advanced features that can benefit you more than standard appliances can. With the infusion of better technology, these high-end appliances either have more capabilities, or can do their required actions more productively.

For example, the Hanabishi Digital Smart HD LED TV is a high-end TV with an ultra-slim appearance, sound equalizer, 8GB memory, HDMI and USB ports, Miracast, and other dynamic functions that let you connect to the Internet and enjoy your streaming sites. This is all in addition to its original purpose, which is to broadcast shows and movies for your viewing pleasure.

Quality and Performance

Standard or regular appliances are built and designed to do basic functions and work mostly at the bare minimum. For example, if you want hot water, a regular kettle can give that to you after waiting for several minutes. But a multi-function kettle can make your water hot within a shorter period.

A high-end kitchen appliance like the multi-function kettle has a rapid boiling function, thermostat control protection, a pilot light indicator, as well as an automatic and manual power switch, which can help speed up the preparation of your coffee or even water for a hot bath.



One of the edges of a high-end appliance over a regular one is the innovation of its properties and functions. As we know, innovation has brought a lot of improvements and convenience to our daily life.

An example of an innovative appliance is the Hanabishi Cordless Vacuum Cleaner with Cyclonic HEPA Filtration System, which makes cleaning an easier and lighter task. Compared to a regular vacuum cleaner, a cordless vacuum cleaner allows you to move freely and comfortably anywhere with ease. If you don’t have one in your home yet, check out our reasons why you should buy a cordless vacuum cleaner.

Level of Noise

For some appliances, the level of noise is an indication of quality and durability. Among regular washing machines, the noise usually can’t be eliminated or reduced. On the contrary, when you use a high-end washing machine, you will most likely not hear any motor noise at all.

The Hanabishi Fully Automatic Washing Machine is a professional-grade cleaning machine that has a low-noise motor system, which makes it quiet and stable even while in use.


Aside from performance and quality, high-end appliances also have state-of-the-art and high-grade designs. For example, the Hanabishi Tower Fan has a fashionable and stylish look, which also makes it easy to fit and keep in smaller spaces, unlike traditional electric fans.

Size and Portability

Size and Portability

Like how huge physical records of data from decades ago have evolved into small USB flash drives and microchips today, typically heavy appliances have also upgraded to extraordinary versions that are lighter and take up less space.

The Hanabishi Single Door Refrigerator, which is both smaller and lighter than regular refrigerators, is a great choice for personal use. This compact mini refrigerator is ideal, with its adjustable legs and just-right capacity.

Energy Efficiency

High-end appliances, particularly those with inverters, are energy-efficient. For instance, the Hanabishi Inverter Split Type Air Conditioner can help you save up to 60 percent on energy consumption, which may lower your electric bill. High-end appliances that feature an inverter mode are also more eco-friendly.

Warranty Coverage

In most cases, high-end appliances are not covered by a regular home warranty plan. Fortunately, there’s an appliance store in the Philippines that offers a great warranty plan for high-end appliances, which generously extends up to five (5) years. Typically, warranty plans only last for 1-3 years on average.

Price and Value

Since high-end appliances come with improved qualities and innovative features, they are generally more expensive than regular ones. However, high-end appliances are more reliable since they are more productive, faster, and long-lasting. This can grant you more efficiency, convenience, and optimum results.

Best of all, their improved durability can assure you that they last longer and that you won’t have to spend as much on repairs and maintenance as you would for a lower-quality version. So, in the long run, the investment is definitely worth it.

Key Takeaway

Now that you’ve reached this part of the article, you must have gathered ideas already regarding the differences between regular appliances and high-end appliances. If you’re trying to save up and spend less, well, now you know which one is a better choice—always go for higher quality, which in the long run, will save you more money.

Looking to give high-end appliances on a budget? Refer to the affordable home appliance gift ideas that we have on our site! For inquiries and more information about our high-quality and premium appliances, contact us today. You may also visit our Shopee and Lazada stores for more.

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