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Guide To Exhaust Fans For Homes

Guide To Exhaust Fans For Homes


What do you need to know about exhaust fans for homes?

  1. Purpose of using exhaust fans
  2. Considerations when installing exhaust fans
  3. Choosing an exhaust fan
An exhaust fan is a type of electric fan that is primarily used for venting out odors, smoke, moisture, and other contaminants in the indoor air. Aside from that, it’s also useful for temperature control because the fan can push warm air outside. This appliance is commonly used in bathrooms and kitchens for improved ventilation. If you’re interested in installing one, here is a guide to exhaust fans for homes. Keep on reading!

Purpose Of Using Exhaust Fans

Ventilation is important. Without it, you can experience problems with moisture, odors, and pollutants inside your home. For instance, having high humidity indoors can cause mold to grow. Without proper ventilation, odors won’t have any way of dispersing and will linger in your home. Aside from that, airborne contaminants can accumulate and cause health problems too. 

Odor Elimination

Exhaust fans can draw out unpleasant odors in the bathroom, so the next person can be more comfortable using the room. For kitchens, the appliance can remove odor and smoke from cooking, so the room won’t smell like dried fish or BBQ!

Humidity Reduction

Reducing humidity in the bathroom is important because it can cause mold to build up — causing allergic reactions such as sneezing, nasal congestion, skin rash, itching, and asthma. Excess moisture can also damage wood and other building materials.

Contaminant Removal

Household chemicals can cause health issues when inhaled. Many cleaning supplies can irritate the eyes or throat too. When using these products, it’s important to keep the area well ventilated.

Heat Removal

Cooking produces heat and fumes. Exhaust fans can remove these and make the environment more comfortable to be in.  Aside from bathrooms and kitchens, exhaust fans are used in garages, workshops, and the like, since these places acquire strong smells and people in them use chemicals too.

Considerations When Installing Exhaust Fans

Not all homes come with exhaust fans already installed. To get the best ventilation, you need to consider some installation issues first.

Placement For The Exhaust Fan

First, where should the exhaust fans be installed? Knowing the best placement for the fans can help improve the results of using the fan. For bathrooms, the best area is near the shower or the bathtub. For kitchens, the fan should be installed near the ceiling because this is where the hot air gathers. 

Where To Vent The Air

Before installing exhaust fans, determine where you will vent the air. An exhaust fan must always vent outside.

Electrical Considerations

Installing an exhaust fan requires knowledge of electricity because you need to wire the fan in place. If you don’t have enough knowledge about this, it’s better to consult a professional. 

Choosing An Exhaust Fan

Choosing An Exhaust FanBy now, you probably understand how important exhaust fans are for your home. If you plan to replace an old exhaust fan or install one for the first time, then you need to choose something that will work well for a long time! Here are some things you need to consider:

Type Of Exhaust Fan 

Wall-mounted exhaust fans are installed within a cut-out in the wall. These will vent air directly outdoors. But there are also ceiling-mounted exhaust fans that are installed in a false ceiling. These are connected to a duct that expels the air outdoors.  Exhaust fans are also available in different blade sizes, so choose something that is suitable for your room size and application! 


You should factor in the cost of the product itself and the installation when choosing an exhaust fan. Fortunately, there are good quality fans that are affordable for reasonable prices. If you’re interested in purchasing an exhaust fan, check out the Hanabishi Wall Exhaust Fan, which is available in different sizes. It has an exhaust feature, is thermal fuse protected, and has a metal shutter control. It’s also a wall-mounted type too. Furthermore, it’s only less than 2,000 pesos. Other than these, you can also check out Hanabishi’s ceiling duct fans, which start at 1,285 pesos! These include a duct outlet and are also quite to operate.

Key Takeaway

This guide to exhaust fans for homes can help you understand the importance of having this appliance, so you can have a better quality of life at home. An exhaust fan can help reduce humidity levels, unpleasant odors, contaminants, and heat indoors. Fortunately, there are plenty of affordable exhaust fans for sale in the Philippines here at Hanabishi! If you can’t find a specific Hanabishi product in physical stores, you can check out our official store at the Lazada Mall! There, you will find plenty of home appliances for affordable prices. You can order online from the convenience of your home. 

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