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5 Halloween Activities to Enjoy During Spooky Season

5 Halloween Activities to Enjoy During Spooky Season


What are Halloween activities to enjoy during the spooky season?

  1. Horror movie marathons
  2. Trick or treating
  3. Spooky baking
  4. Pumpkin Carving
  5. Costume Contests


  • Discover a range of exciting activities to enjoy during the spooky season.
  • Enhance your movie marathon experience with Hanabishi's 32" Digital LED TV, making it feel like you're in a theater.
  • Stay in and enjoy a day of spooky baking with your family using Hanabishi's electric oven to bring out your creativity in making Halloween-themed treats.
  • Halloween costume contests are a highlight of the season.

In the Philippines, Halloween has evolved into a fascinating fusion of Western customs and local traditions, resulting in a truly unique and spirited celebration. The Filipino version of Halloween is often referred to as "Undas" or "Araw ng mga Patay" (Day of the Dead), and it typically spans from October 31st to November 2nd.

Because it brings everyone together by offering a one–of–a–kind amusement, Halloween has become one of the most sought-after holidays in the country.

So, if you’re thinking of activities to enjoy with your families and friends, here are five Halloween activities to enjoy in your home.

Horror Movie Marathons

Horror Movie Marathons

If the idea of going out on Halloween doesn't appeal to you, consider staying in and indulging in a spine-tingling movie marathon. Elevate your movie experience to a cinematic level with Hanabishi’s 32" Digital LED TV, renowned for its ultra-slim design and dynamic features, making you feel like you're in a theater.

To further enhance this experience, why not enjoy a bowl of freshly popped popcorn, snacks, and drinks with your barkada? With Hanabishi’s cost-effective Microwave Oven, you can savor hours of movies and endless servings of popcorn without breaking the bank, ensuring memorable movie nights for many Halloweens to come!

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Trick or Treating

When you're a parent gearing up for a night of trick-or-treating and anticipating a wave of young visitors at your doorstep, it's essential to have a reliable refrigerator to protect your stash of candies and chocolates from the unpredictable Philippine weather. This precaution ensures the longevity of the delightful treats your children collect from friends and neighbors.

Taking your own children trick-or-treating is a beautiful way to create lasting memories and is one of the most sought-after activities in Halloween. And it brings you and your child joy when you get a treat from different people and houses.

Spooky Baking

Spooky Baking

If you’re the family that stays in during holidays, there’s no need to worry because there are still many activities for you and your family to enjoy! Take out your baking supplies for the day and enjoy the spooky air by baking Halloween cookies and treats.

With Hanabishi’s electric oven, you can unlock the creative potential of your family in a Halloween-themed baking extravaganza. From crafting creepy cupcakes with edible "blood" to spinning intricate spiderweb cookies, each delectable masterpiece is a labor of love.

What's more, you can turn it into a heartwarming activity by sharing your baked goods with the kids who come knocking for treats, making Halloween even more memorable for your family and the neighborhood.

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Pumpkin Carving

Another fun activity to enjoy with your pamangkins is pumpkin carving. If you see a large pumpkin on sale at the market, this is the perfect creative project for this season.

The kids will delight in the hands-on experience of carving whimsical faces into pumpkins. To take this activity to the next level, consider placing a flickering candle inside, an iconic symbol of Halloween. This not only adds to the spooky ambiance but also infuses your celebration with a touch of tradition.

And don't overlook the opportunity to make a tasty treat out of your pumpkin adventure – roast and enjoy the pumpkin seeds for a delicious and wholesome snack. It's the perfect way to savor the full experience of this time-honored Halloween tradition.

Costume Contests

Among the numerous highlights of the Halloween season, costume contests stand out as a thrilling spectacle. These contests offer a fantastic platform to display your and your siblings’ creativity, as you put in extraordinary efforts to craft costumes that range from spooky and humorous to entirely unique.

This activity is a chance to let your imagination run wild and bring your favorite characters to life. Participating in or hosting a costume contest can be a great way to engage with your community or social group.

Key Takeaway

With Halloween fast approaching, it is a must to be prepared for this festivity with your loved ones. Plan projects ahead of time and prepare needed materials to make this holiday count for everyone on a break.

This holiday season, make every moment count with Halloween activities powered by Hanabishi, a trustworthy Filipino appliance brand, that keeps the spirit alive, whether you choose to stay in or venture out into the spooky unknown.

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