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4 Cleaning Tricks to Welcome the New Year

4 Cleaning Tricks to Welcome the New Year


What are some cleaning tricks to try this new year?

  1. Use all-purpose homemade cleaners
  2. Choose a vacuum over brooms
  3. Iron clothes before they dry entirely
  4. Disinfect dishes with a dish sterilizer
  Deep cleaning is just what your home needs after holiday celebrations and get-togethers. With all the stubborn food stains stuck on your kitchenware, you must be wondering how to clean your gas stove burner and other kitchen equipment. From storing all-purpose cleaners to obtaining the best cleaning equipment, start the year off right with these helpful home cleaning tips.  

Use All-purpose Homemade Cleaners

Cleaning spray, gloves, and a rag on a tabletop Before you start hauling in different cleaners infused with chemicals, consider all-purpose homemade cleaners first. Invest in all types of cleaners you can find in your local store including kitchen, bathroom, disinfecting, and degreasing cleaners. However, take note that you should avoid using store-bought cleaners that have chemical components on kitchen equipment made of stainless steel. This can do more damage than good. Here are some DIY cleaners that you should always store in your cupboard for future use.  

Scented all-purpose cleaner

To make this scented cleaner, all you need is vinegar, water, lemon rind, and oregano. Combine all ingredients in a spray bottle, shake, and let the mixture infuse for a week before use. The lemon is the most important ingredient the solution should have. It works with oregano and vinegar in different ways. The lemon combined with oregano should get rid of the stubborn smell. Meanwhile, lemons work with vinegar to totally eliminate stains on any kitchen equipment, especially those on your gas stove burners and ovens.

Kitchen cleaner and deodorizer

Have you noticed slime buildup in your refrigerator and water dispenser? All you need is some baking soda and warm water. This cleaner gets rid of the smell as well as stains on kitchen counters and anything that is made of stainless steel. Using a clean sponge and a few swipes of diluted baking soda, you can trust that your kitchen will be squeaky clean and shiny!

All-purpose disinfectant cleaner

This two-ingredient mixture is composed of vinegar and hydrogen peroxide. Spray the mixture onto any surface in the kitchen and leave it on for a couple of minutes to an hour. Take note of the bleaching action of hydrogen peroxide as it can damage fabrics. It is best used for stainless steel, marble, or any tiled surfaces. This disinfectant cleaner works similarly to a deodorizer, except it can also reduce bacterial buildup. This keeps kitchen equipment free of disease-causing agents.  

Choose a Vacuum Over Brooms

Father and son cleaning their living room Brooms or any dust mop move dust and debris around the surface of the floor and into the dustpan. This alone is enough reason why you start using a vacuum over a broom. Of course, dust becomes airborne when you sweep it across the room. Apart from that, the dust gets stuck in crevices on the floor. Imagine the amount of dust buildup and leftover dirt. With that, are you really cleaning your home and getting rid of the dust? A vacuum cleaner with a high suction power vacuum cleaner can totally eliminate the dust and debris in your home. Make sure to acquire a vacuum with a full dust indicator and filter bag. This way, you are not left guessing when to dispose of collected dust.  

Iron Clothes Before They Dry Entirely

Mother and daughter ironing clothes The process is quite simple: iron clothes after spin-drying them. Ironing clothes while they are still damp helps ease out or straighten the creases. After washing clothes and putting them in the dryer, iron them before you hang them to dry completely. It may be an additional step, but it is guaranteed to provide you with wrinkle-free and ready to wear clothing. If you are using a high-power spin dryer that completely dries up your clothes, use a flat iron with a dry steam function. Moreover, look for an iron with non-stick Teflon soleplate to prevent clothes from getting damaged due to the dry steaming process. Of course, proper ironing is essential to maintaining the quality of the clothing. Take note of the iron’s functions and features. Do you plan to dry steam using an iron without pressurized spray function and a water spray bottle? Make sure the iron at least has variable temperature control to prevent unwanted marks on the linen or fabric.  

Disinfect Dishes With a Dish Sterilizer

A woman handwashing dishes Washing dishes in your sink with dishwashing soap and warm water might remove stains and stubborn food stuck on the surface, but it will not eliminate bacteria. Your dishware and utensils might look sparkling clean after dousing them with plenty of soap, yet it does not guarantee that they are germ-free. While antibacterial soaps promise almost 99.9% of germs eliminated, having a dish sterilizer still remains an efficient dishware disinfectant. Combat dishware contaminants and prevent food poisoning with dish sterilizers. You can never be too complacent about getting rid of bacteria through merely washing plates and utensils with dishwashing soap.  

Key Takeaway

Puzzled on how to clean gas stove burners and kitchen appliances? Resort to cleaners, disinfectants, and deodorizers with all-natural ingredients. Try these cleaning hacks and see the difference it makes in your daily chores. Ensure you obtain efficient cleaning equipment such as vacuums and dish sterilizers for the best results. Maintain the cleanliness of your home and keep your family safe from airborne bacteria as well as dishware contaminants with these useful tips and tricks.

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