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6 Modern Appliances to Buy With Your Christmas Bonus

6 Modern Appliances to Buy With Your Christmas Bonus


What are the modern appliances you should buy with your Christmas bonus?

  1. 2-in-1 grinder and coffee maker
  2. Stand fan windmill
  3. 50” digital smart HD LED TV
  4. Air cooler
  5. Air purifier
  6. UV sterilizer


  • Turn your Christmas bonus into an investment in ultra-modern, user-friendly appliances to enhance home comfort, convenience, and safety during the festive season.
  • You may invest in these recommended modern appliances with your Christmas bonus today: a 2-in-1 Grinder and Coffee Maker, Stand Fan Windmill, 50” Digital Smart HD LED TV, Air Cooler, and Air Purifier.

As the yearly tradition of Christmas bonuses draws near, the question arises: How can we best utilize this additional income? Amidst the array of possibilities, a quietly sensible option emerges – investing your bonus in essential appliances.

From cozying up the ambiance with inviting warmth to offering smarter daily conveniences, you are not merely decorating for the festive period, you're investing in your everyday lifestyle. Allow this article to be your guide on the must-have modern appliances to buy with your Christmas bonus.

2-in-1 Grinder and Coffee Maker

Make your home smell like a cozy café this holiday season by investing your Christmas bonus in Hanabishi's 2-in-1 Grinder and Coffee Maker. It doesn't just add a warm and welcoming feel but also lets you enjoy a café experience at home with its 4-cup brewing capacity.

Your lolo and lola, especially if they love coffee, will appreciate having this in your home. This coffee maker combines stylish design with practical features like brew-strength control, catering to different coffee preferences. Whether it's a morning cup or an after-dinner treat, coffee brings comfort all year, making this appliance a lovely addition to your family gatherings.

Stand Fan Windmill

Stand Fan Windmill

Keep your home cool and welcoming this holiday with the Hanabishi Stand Fan Windmill. Not only does this smart appliance cool your space efficiently, but it also ensures your pamangkins stay comfortable during their visits. It's a symbol of convenience, circulating a refreshing breeze while using minimal electricity.

Featuring options for 16 to 18-inch durable AS blades, this fan brings generous airflow to your space. Its gentle movement adds a unique charm, seamlessly fitting into your home decor. Consider this a great addition to your Christmas bonus expenditure list, making your home a cool and refreshing retreat.

50” Digital Smart HD LED TV

Upgrade your holiday entertainment with the Hanabishi 50" Digital Smart HD LED TV—a worthy addition to your modern appliances that will bring action films to life for your dad, cater to your mom's teleserye watching, and make movie time enjoyable for your siblings.

This slim TV has a sharp display, useful features like HDMI input, and 8GB storage, making it ideal for family streaming. It supports big-screen mirroring with Miracast.

With excellent sound and vibrant colors, it's more than just a TV—it's the centerpiece for family joy. Worth the splurge, your Christmas bonus has never looked better on screen!

Air Cooler

Enjoy a more comfortable Kapaskuhan with the Hanabishi Air Cooler. This appliance, with its 6-liter water tank, creates an ideal atmosphere for your gatherings in your small apartment, perfect for hosting your ninong and ninang for a quick lunch.

With three cooling modes, a remote controller, and a 24-hour timer, this air cooler offers convenience and customization. It consumes only 60 watts, making it energy-efficient. Your Christmas bonus put to good use, this portable air cooler enhances your small space, ensuring a cool and inviting environment for your guests during festive get-togethers.

Air Purifier

Make your home smell like Christmas all season long with the Hanabishi Air Purifier—a must-have for your barkada when they visit. This modern gem uses a 4-in-1 HEPA filter and Plasma Ion technology to eliminate airborne nasties, leaving a delightful aroma in a 30-square-meter area.

Thanks to its energy-saving inverter motor technology, it not only keeps the air clean but is also kind to your lungs and energy bill. The added features, including an 8-hour timer and air quality indicator, bring convenience to your space.

Ensuring a merry and healthy air quality around your Christmas tree, this air purifier is a perfect addition to your bonus shopping list. Freshness has never felt so festive for your barkada gatherings!

UV Sterilizer

UV Sterilizer

As the holiday festivities arrive, your house is bound to receive more guests and along with them their belongings. Particularly now, sterilizing items entering your house is of the utmost importance. Meet the Hanabishi UV Sterilizer, your home's security gate! This efficient gadfly wipes out 99.9% of germs on almost everything — from linens to utensils, books, and even money.

Just a press of a button stains the fuss away, whirring up a sterilizing storm with its UV germicidal lamp, devoid of harsh chemicals. A valuable addition indeed for a safeguarded holiday, both your family's health and your Christmas bonus will appreciate it.

Key Takeaway

In the festive glow of twinkling holiday lights, consider turning your Christmas bonus into an investment toward ultra-modern, user-friendly appliances that elevate your home's comfort and convenience. With this guide to modern appliances to buy with your Christmas bonus, we hope to have made your gatherings cozier, your laughs louder, and your environment healthier and safer.

For inquiries about our appliances, you may contact Hanabishi at our website.

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