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Mother’s Day Gift Ideas: Multitasking Kitchen Appliances For Moms

Mother’s Day Gift Ideas: Multitasking Kitchen Appliances For Moms


What are some ideas for a mother’s day gift?

  1. Dish Sterilizer
  2. Air Fryer
  3. Food Processor
  4. Multi-Cooker

Hunting for Mother’s Day gift ideas in the Philippines that can be delivered to your doorstep? Given this year’s circumstances, many of us are celebrating this special day at home with the most important woman in our lives. With that being said, it might prove to be challenging to think of something special to make your mom feel loved and appreciated during the quarantine. But, look no further! This Mother’s Day, surprise your mom with the best present: Hanabishi’s kitchen appliances.

When you think of your mom, you may think of her cooking in the kitchen. Think of her getting up hours before everyone else to whip up a special breakfast for the family. Or you might imagine her making a constant effort to pack snacks for the little ones. To make things harder, these are just one of the few tasks she has for the day.

This is exactly why multitasking kitchen appliances are the perfect gift this Mother’s Day! Some of these tools can be used in ways you would not have thought of. What’s not to love about cooking an entire meal in just one pot or having the dishes cleaned in a matter of minutes? Read on to learn about the kitchen appliances perfect for your mom this Mother’s Day!

Dish Sterilizer


A lot of work is done in the kitchen and moms are truly remarkable for spending their long hours in this corner of the house preparing the family’s daily meals. Not to mention, doing the dishes is also a task that takes up a lot of their time. Cut your mom’s cleaning time in half by surprising her with Hanabishi’s DISH STERILIZER HDS 18 CUFT!

Disinfecting has also been a part of the new normal due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Ease her worries by giving her an appliance that does exactly that. This dish sterilizer heats up to 80 degrees Celcius and is structured with UV lights to kill 99.9% bacteria.

In addition, first-time moms would also absolutely love this tool! Popping their baby’s bottles and utensils in here will give it special cleaning care. Welcome her first Mother’s Day with convenience. Effortlessly disinfect, store, and dry dishware as well as baby utensils at the same time.

Air Fryer

Hanabishi's  AIR FRYER HAFEO 23SS

We know how much you care about your mom’s health. Looking for an appliance that will cut back on fatty oils? Invest in the convenient AIR FRYER HAFEO 23SS from Hanabishi. If this is your first time hearing about an air fryer, then you should know that it uses heat to fry food instead of oil.

The best part? It won’t sacrifice the taste or texture! It spares you the grease AND the mess at the same time. An air fryer can whip up your meals in whichever way you like: fried, grilled, baked, toasted, and even roasted. It is also safe, beginner-friendly, and easy to clean. The appliance is large enough to air fry up to 3lbs, bake a 4lb chicken, or cook a 12” pizza.

So, the next time the kids demand some quick bites like fries or crispy fried chicken, mom will have it done in minutes! It also saves her some cleaning time and gives her the peace of mind that the food is less sinful.

Food Processor

Hanabishi's FOOD PROCESSOR HFP 600

Looking for modern countertop kitchen appliances to purchase? You’re probably going to come across the blenders, juicers, food processors, and dough mixers. While all of these have their own great value in the kitchen, it would be great to purchase all of them at once. Fortunately, this game-changer appliance compacts all 7 jobs and functions into one. Hanabishi’s FOOD PROCESSOR HFP 600 will be pure bliss for your mom’s kitchen. Here are the functions she can enjoy:

  • Blend summer smoothies with a blender fix
  • Juice fresh fruit with the power juice option
  • Grind own seasoning or coffee grounds
  • Chop, grate and slice with the chopper feature
  • Mix dough with the plastic blade
  • Beat eggs on its plastic tray

You can easily see how handy and convenient a food processor can be. This not only helps your mom save time and effort, but it also reduces the use of tools. This product is guaranteed to make cooking and preparing dishes an enjoyable process!


Hanabishi's MULTI-COOKER HMC 550S

As the name implies, Hanabishi’s MULTI-COOKER HMC 550S embodies convenience all in one kitchen appliance. Think of your rice cooker, crock pots, slow cooker, and pressure cooker all rolled into one! It can cook up almost everything from simple white rice to perfectly cooked chicken with just a press of a button.

Hanabishi’s multi-cooker is simple. If your mom is just starting out in the kitchen, she can start out with this appliance. Or, if your mom is preparing large meals for family events, she can have much more of a cooking surface to work with.

This multi-cooker also speeds up cooking time and makes it incredibly simple. It features a 9-in-1 function of broiling, braising, steaming, slow cooking, stewing, BBQs, stir-frying, deep-frying, and even warming your food in a non-stick pot! It keeps the food warm the whole day with its thermal fuse protected layer.

Key Takeaway

These Mother’s Day gift ideas in the Philippines will surely brighten up your mom’s special day! Wrap up the gift of convenience and practicality with one of these multitasking kitchen appliances. Together or apart, you can have these Hanabishi appliances delivered straight to her doorstep. Click here to start shopping!

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