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How To Protect Your Appliances During Power Outages

How To Protect Your Appliances During Power Outages


How can you protect your appliances in case of a power outage?

  1. Unplug appliances
  2. Setup power surge protectors
  3. Acquire appliances that meet quality standards
  4. Check out the circuit breaker
  Electronics and appliances are vulnerable during power outages. Being informed of ways to care for them will help you maintain their quality and prevent damage from occurring. In the Philippines, affordable appliances are certified for safety. Make sure to be on the lookout for marked appliances certified by the Department of Trade and Industry. Home appliances, especially those with a motor, draw more power. Once a power surge rushes back through the wiring of the appliance, the nominal current will have exceeded its maximum. This will cause appliances to go through arcing, which causes high levels of heat. At such high levels, the appliances are subjected to potential damage from circuitry or frying. All of this shortens the lifespan of your appliances. Protect your appliances and your family promptly by unplugging appliances, checking the circuit breaker, and installing surge protectors. Here are some ways to maintain home appliances during power outages.  

Unplug Appliances

During a power outage, every electricity outlet socket must not have any appliances plugged into it. Laptops, freezers, air conditioning units, electric fans, and stoves should be unplugged. If left plugged in, refrigerators and air conditioning units become susceptible to damage from the tidal wave of electricity once power is restored. Once the electricity is brought back, wait a few moments before plugging and turning the appliances back on.  

Setup Power Surge Protectors

Setup Power Surge Protectors Appliances run on a nominal electrical current. During a power surge, the flow of electricity consumed by the wires greatly exceeds the amount that appliances are designed to handle. Surge protectors are used in combatting the rush of electricity once power is restored. For computers and electronic devices, it is significant to invest in power strips with surge protectors or suppressors for protection. These surge protectors are useful, especially if nobody is at home to unplug the appliances usually left plugged in. These include your refrigerator and air conditioning units. When acquiring surge protectors, it is best to choose ones that cover the whole house. These types are typically wired into a service panel or fuse box.  

Acquire Appliances That Meet Quality Standards

Buying appliances that meet the requirements of quality marks is more of a prevention rather than a cure to the problem. Making sure that the domestic appliances you buy can take voltage fluctuations will ensure its safety during a power surge. In the Philippines, the Department of Trade and Industry imposed the Department Administrative Order (DAO) Number 4 series of 2008. Its aim is to mandate the affixation of “PS Quality and Safety Certification Mark” on products. Included in the list of household appliances are:  
  • Electric fans
  • Flat irons
  • Kitchen machines (blenders, juicers, egg beaters, etc.)
  • Microwave ovens
  • Refrigerators
  • Rice cookers
  • Airports and coffee makers
  • Audio and video products
  • Toasters, grills, roasters and similar appliances
  • Washing machines
  • Air conditioners
  • Lamps
  Affixing certification marks on products ensures the market on the quality and safety of the products they are interested in. Make sure to purchase products with these marks to prevent any future repair costs.  

Check Out the Circuit Breaker

Check Out the Circuit Breaker If you have one in your home, check the circuit breaker after unplugging all appliances in the house. The breaker should be on the operating side. If the breaker tripped, overturn it and shut it off. Since the purpose of circuit breakers is to divide power in the house if too much current flows through the wiring, maintenance is important. Every now and then, get your circuit breakers checked. Maintenance is equally as important as turning it on and off to make sure it is in good shape during a power outage.  

Key Takeaway

Power surges are inevitable. It can be caused by several reasons including disasters and utility maintenance. While electricity loss can sometimes be predicted, most of the time homes experience a total blackout without any warnings. With this, it is significant to have knowledge of ways to prevent the damage that power surges can have on appliances. When it comes to prevention, another solution is to acquire local and affordable appliances that are DAO certified and that have met the requirements for quality and standards. Otherwise, make sure to follow the essential steps to prevent damage that can render your appliances unusable.

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