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Reasons Why You Should Buy A Deep Fryer

Reasons Why You Should Buy A Deep Fryer


What are the reasons why you should buy a deep fryer?

  1. Faster cooking time
  2. Saves more oil
  3. Delicious and crispy food
  4. You can multitask
  5. Filters food odor
  6. Easy to use
  7. Easy to clean

Many of us who own a new appliance can’t help but ask questions about its benefits to our daily household routines. Are you in the same dilemma of asking yourself: what are the reasons why you should buy a deep fryer? What are the benefits of it to you?

Don’t worry because, in this blog, we are going to look at the reasons why you should buy a deep fryer. Keep reading to see if this appliance is the right addition to your home and kitchen! 

Faster Cooking Time

Faster Cooking Time

We know many Filipinos use ordinary frying pans because it’s the standard way of frying. However, using this method can be a hassle, especially if you’re in a hurry to cook your food. 

If you’re looking for a way to achieve faster frying times, then a deep fryer is a great tool. Not only can it cook your meat, veggies, and other ingredients just as well as a pan can, but it also does it much faster! It’s a convenient way to get your favorite fried meals done quicker in the kitchen. 

Saves More Oil

When cooking, we always want to minimize the costs we have each meal — if possible. But one of the biggest costs of cooking comes from buying oil. And, when you’re frying up food in the kitchen using a pan, you tend to use a lot of it.

Using a deep fryer can help you save oil since with a deep fryer, there’s no need to keep adding oils! Once you put the food on it, you can wait for it to get ready to remove. Plus, you can keep reusing the oil you use in your deep fryer for other batches of food!

Delicious And Crispy Food

Delicious And Crispy Food

Who doesn’t want a taste of delicious and crispy food? We all love it! One of the reasons why you should buy a deep fryer is it reduces the chances of overcooking your food because it’s equipped with thermostats that allow you to control the cooking temperature, compared to the standard frying pan. 

With a deep fryer, you can now enjoy your favorite meals and snacks, such as chicken, crackers, potatoes, chips, and so on — all perfectly cooked.

You Can Multitask

Because most deep fryers have automatic timers, then you can set a particular time for a certain recipe while continuing to do other work in your home. When the time elapses, the deep fryer will automatically switch off, and you’ll be alerted that the food is ready to eat.

Filters Food Odor

Filters Food Odor

When using an ordinary frying pan, the smell of the food you’re cooking will most likely spread to your house. Fortunately, this is a different case when using a high-quality and advanced deep fryer as it comes with odor filters.

Introducing our Hanabishi Deep Fryer that is made from stainless steel and is equipped with a high-quality smoke filter to prevent smoke from spreading in your house, cord storage, a frying basket, a tough handle, and a removable heating element. Not only that but it also has a heat and power light indicator and other unique features at an affordable price of only Php 4,800.00! 

Easy To Use

Because a deep fryer is automatic to use, you only need to do a few steps to use it such as pouring the oil into the oil tank and letting the oil heat up. After that, the fryer will alert you when the oil is at the right temperature for you to lower it, and you can now start cooking. When the food is ready to eat, you can carry it out to the dining room. This makes the deep fryers convenient to use, unlike the traditional fryers!

Easy To Clean

One of the frustrating parts of cooking is keeping your appliances clean after using them. Fortunately, it’s easy to clean a deep fryer since most of the deep fryer accessories are dishwashable. Thus, you can also disassemble the fryer and place its attachments into the dishwasher for cleaning. After cleaning it, you can wipe it with a damp cloth, and make sure to keep it warm.

Key Takeaway

We’ve just given you the best reasons why you should buy a deep fryer to show you why it’s a great appliance for many homes and cooks! Interested in enjoying all the benefits this appliance provides? Then take a look at the deep fryers from Hanabishi! Our store carries the best kitchen appliances in the Philippines, guaranteed to make cooking easy and delicious for you and your family.

Don’t hesitate to send us a message here or visit our official Hanabishi online shop here, and you can also check our official Shopee and Lazada accounts.

Happy deep frying from Hanabishi!

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