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6 Reasons Why You Need A Hanabishi Multicooker

6 Reasons Why You Need A Hanabishi Multicooker


What are some good reasons why you need a Hanabishi multicooker?

  1. Use multiple functions in one appliance
  2. Save kitchen counter space
  3. Compact and portable
  4. Fast and healthy cooking
  5. Convenient cleaning
  6. Budget-friendly options

A multicooker is a kitchen appliance that provides multiple functions — hence the name. With so many features packed in one compact device, you will enjoy cooking numerous recipes such as chicken sopas, beef bulalo, pork menudo, rice, and more!  Some multicookers can even be used to cook your favorite fried foods and steamed dim sum. As one of the kitchen appliances for sale in the Philippines, there are plenty of reasons why you need a multicooker from Hanabishi. Keep reading to learn more.

Use Multiple Functions In One Appliance

Depending on the type of multicooker you plan to get, you can take advantage of as many as 12 functions in one! For example, the Hanabishi Multi-Cooker Griller HMCGRILL50 is perfect for families who like to eat a variety of dishes. It can cook rice, slow cook, stew, grill, broil, braise, bbq, roast, saute, deep fry, and stir fry. It can also act as a warmer if you have leftovers from the previous meal. 

By using one kitchen appliance, you won’t have difficulty cooking a variety of dishes requested by your family—be it chicken barbecue, sautéed vegetables, or beef pares!

Save Kitchen Counter Space

Save Kitchen Counter Space

If you have a small kitchen, you probably won’t have too much space for kitchen appliances. That’s why if you’re trying to keep it minimal, you can get all the features you need from a multicooker. It is the one thing you need to invest in if you don’t want to purchase many cooking devices for your home.

As a bonus, Hanabishi’s multicookers also look aesthetically pleasing too! So no matter your choice, it will fit in with many themes—whether you have a minimalist, industrial, or traditional kitchen.

Compact And Portable

A multicooker is a compact and portable kitchen appliance. Because it offers multiple functions in one device, you won’t have to bring other pots and pans if you plan to move to a new place. It’s perfect for apartments, student rooms, and more. It’s also an excellent choice for camping if you have access to power.

If you’re looking for a small and portable multicooker, you can check out the Hanabishi Multi-Function Cooker HMC1200. It is suitable for solo households and travelers because of its small size. Are you tired of wasting food? It’s also a good option if you’re only cooking small portions. 

Fast And Healthy Cooking

Fast And Healthy Cooking

Not all people have several hours allocated to cooking. If you want to speed up the cooking process and simplify it, you will benefit from a Hanabishi multicooker. All you need is to put your ingredients into the pot, turn on the temperature control knob, and wait for your food to cook—no frills or special instructions.

A multicooker is also a helpful device if you want to cook healthy meals. For example, instead of frying, you have the option of steaming food in the Hanabishi Multi-Cooker HMC550SS. You can also quickly boil oats and other grains if you want to add fiber to your diet.

Convenient Cleaning

You can probably relate that you’re left with a bunch of dishes to wash after cooking your meal. The sauces can stick to the pots in some instances, so you have to utilize your elbow grease to clean it up. When using a multicooker, all these problems can be prevented.

Compared to a frying pan, Hanabishi multicookers have a deep pot—so the oil won’t splatter everywhere! The lid also prevents any cooking smell from spreading so you won’t smell like your ulam after. Other than that, you will also appreciate the non-stick coating, so sauces and oils are easier to remove.  

Budget-Friendly Options

Budget-Friendly Options

A Hanabishi multicooker can help you save money because you don’t need multiple kitchen appliances to cook your favorite dishes. Other than that, there are also a range of models and prices available. You can find the one that fits your budget and preferences.

For example, if you’re a working student or live alone away from your family, a small multicooker might be enough for you. The good news is, you can find one for just a little over a thousand pesos. The Hanabishi Multi-Function Cooker HMC1200 is small, but it can cook a variety of dishes. 

If you’re looking for something more, you can save a bit and get the Hanabishi Multi-Cooker HMC550SS for 1,770 pesos so you can get a bigger capacity. For more functions, the Hanabishi Multi-Cooker Griller HMCGRILL50 is a steal because it is only 2,570 pesos.

Key Takeaway

Are you looking for a kitchen appliance that can quickly cook a variety of dishes, is easy to clean, and is affordable? If that’s the case, you will benefit from a Hanabishi multicooker! Because of the numerous functions, you can save on kitchen counter space and money.

Now that you know the reasons why you need a multicooker, you can buy one from Hanabishi! If you can’t find the appliances mentioned above in your physical stores, you can check out the official Hanabishi store at the Lazada Mall.

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