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4 Sandwich Recipes to Try with Kids this 2023

4 Sandwich Recipes to Try with Kids this 2023


What sandwich recipes to try with kids this 2023?

  1. Tuna and Cheese Sandwich
  2. Grilled Cheese and Corned Beef Sandwich
  3. One Pan Sandwich
  4. Sausage and Egg Waffle Sandwich

Sandwiches have become a staple for every kid’s baon at school. They’re easy to prepare and you can squish all your favorite fillings between your sandwich. It's simple and enjoyable to prepare as a breakfast, packed snack, or merienda after a tiring play day with your kid. It's something you can do with your children and also a fun shared bonding with them. However, kids grow tired of the same old cheese spread, peanut butter, or ham. So, instead of packing unopened sandwiches, try packing these simple sandwich recipes for kids that they may enjoy:

Tuna and Cheese Sandwich

Tuna and Cheese Sandwich

Nothing could go wrong with sandwiches that have cheese. Tuna and cheese blend nicely together, and if your child hasn't warmed up to tuna, it will persuade him or her to try seafood. This tuna and cheese sandwich can be a reliable baon idea! Here’s how to prepare this easy yet delicious sandwich:

Slices of bread should be frozen for an hour, or until firm but not frozen. Meanwhile, combine tuna, celery, onions, and mayonnaise in a medium bowl while waiting. Use salt and pepper to taste to season.

You can now take out the frozen bread after doing the filling. Place a slice of bread on top of another. You can go the extra by shaping the bread slices into fish. Your kid will surely love it and the effort will be worth it!

Grilled Cheese and Corned Beef Sandwich

The meaty taste of corned beef and made special with stretchy, gooey cheese — a guaranteed favorite of kids! Served right off the pan, this recipe also makes a filling and delicious breakfast. Here’s how to make it:

Preheat a frying pan over medium-high heat. Corned beef should be added and cooked for one to two minutes, until some of the juices are gone. Set aside. Now, it’s time to butter one side of your favorite sliced white. Add the cooked corned meat and quick melt cheese to a slice of bread, butter side up. Cover with a second slice of bread, butter side up.

A large frying pan with a heavy bottom should be heated almost to smoking. Add the prepared sandwiches should and grill until browned, don’t forget to turn it occasionally while it sizzles! You can also add leftover chicken or ham to make it more delicious. You can easily share these with others, so bring a few extras!

One Pan Sandwich

One Pan Sandwich

The straightforward one-pan sandwich is the best and simplest solution for your kid’s baon. Have fun doing this with your kid by letting them cook their own bacon! Here’s how to make this mild yet tasty sandwich:

Cook the bacon in a pan to your desired crispiness. Set it aside while you prepare the rest of your one-pan sandwich.

Cook your eggs until they are firm. Spread mayonnaise on one side of each slice of bread in the meantime. On top of the egg, arrange both bread slices side by side, mayonnaise side down. Spread butter on the opposite end. Then, using a broad spatula, flip the egg and bread so that the buttery side faces the pan.

Slices of bread should stay in the pan until the bottoms are a stunning golden brown. Eat the sandwich whole, or slice it into the shapes you want! For easier ways, you can use the Hanabishi Sandwich Maker and cut your sandwiches into a triangular shape and let the sandwich maker do the rest of its magic! Your kid will genuinely be excited about his or her snack after preparing it with you!

Sausage and Egg Waffle Sandwich

The sausage sandwich was improvised into the Sausage and Egg Waffle Sandwich. Waffles are used in place of English muffins or other types of buns. But don’t get intimidated! It’s easy to make waffles now, thanks to Hanabishi Waffle Maker even your kid can do it! You can buy a pancake pre-mix and just put it into the waffle maker and have your own waffles!

The eggs are simple scrambled eggs that are cooked with a dash of salt and pepper, and the sausages are pan-fried to your desire. You can add maple syrup for the waffle spirit and your kids can now enjoy this sandwich for breakfast!

Key Takeaway

It’s good to remind your kid of your love for them by making efforts for their meal and snacks. Now you know some sandwich recipes for kids that you can enjoy making with them. A bond shared with them that they will truly cherish! It may be tiring at times to prepare every day but Hanabishi has the best kitchen appliances for you to make your life more comfortable and easier!

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