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6 Signs You Need A New Rice Cooker

6 Signs You Need A New Rice Cooker


What are signs you need a new rice cooker?

  1. Power Cord Problems
  2. Debris Or Deformities Between The Inner Pot And Heating Plate
  3. Thermal Fuse Issues
  4. Internal Circuitry Issues
  5. Dead Battery
  6. Old Or Cheaper Model Version

Generally, rice cookers can last up to 7-8 years when used regularly and 3-5 years when heavily used. For a pure-mechanical model, it can last for up to more than 10 years while the modern ones can be used for 2-6 years, depending on their maintenance and use.

Just like other kitchen appliances, rice cookers can eventually expose you to technical problems, preventing them from cooking your rice properly — or they stop working altogether. 

So, if you’ve been experiencing problems with this appliance, it’s time to check for the top six signs you need a new rice cooker. Keep reading to see what they are!

Power Cord Problems

Power Cord Problems

Generally, the cause why rice cookers stop working is because of loose wirings, thermal issues, or a power cord. Though there are times when you can still replace a power cord if it is extremely damaged, it prevents your rice cooker from cooking a perfect bowl of rice because of your power cord’s improper connection to the power outlet. 

This conflict can cause other problems to your home and power bill, too — especially when you continue using your rice cooker despite its damaged power cord. 

Luckily, there are many rice cookers available on the market that are made with high-quality and durable power cords. Even better: they are very efficient and affordable appliances!

Debris Or Deformities Between The Inner Pot And Heating Plate

For some, this is tolerable damage to the rice cooker, but for many, this makes them buy a new rice cooker because this problem can continuously interfere with the heating of batches of rice, which could repeatedly waste their time. 

With the visible debris or deformities between the inner pot and the heating plate, it can’t fully cook rice. You can check if there are scratches or dents by removing the inner pot from the heating plate (remember to use padded gloves if your appliance is still hot!)

If your inner pot has been damaged, dropped, or dented, then it will be harder for you to cook perfect rice.

Thermal Fuse Issues

Because excessive use of rice cookers creates an issue with its thermal fuse. It happens when the maximum temperature crosses the threshold level on your rice cooker, causing it to overheat. This will then break the thermal fuse, which cuts off the power of your rice cooker to avoid catching fire in your home.

And even though you can get a professional or repair your rice cooker, there’s a high chance that the issue will continue to occur, so, it’s one of the signs you need a new rice cooker.

Internal Circuitry Issues

Internal Circuitry Issues

Unfortunately, all types of electronic appliances will have a hard time working if their wires are loose. Also, this can cause internal circuitry issues or refrain the power from reaching the appropriate place to make the rice cooker run properly.

If you’ve been using your rice cooker for years and this issue happens continuously, it’s best to buy a new rice cooker instead of going to an electrician again and again which can cause you to spend more money on a damaged rice cooker when you could buy a brand new one.

Dead Battery

If you’re using a rice cooker model that comes with a lithium battery-powered display for too long, then it means that the battery may be damaged or dead. The next thing to do is to remove the battery and install a new one. 

Many consumers buy a new rice cooker instead of installing a new battery. It helps them to better choose the best rice cooker instead of relying on old models.

Old Or Cheaper Model Version

When your rice cooker is heavily used for too long and has surpassed its lifespan and use, it will stop working since it’s worn out. Also, if you have a cheap model of rice cooker, its low-quality materials will make it retire to function due to its old version.

Remember that the more you fix the issues of your rice cooker, the more it lowers its lifespan. In return, it could cause you to spend money just to repair it.

Luckily, there’s one online appliance store in the Philippines where you can quickly get a new rice cooker model: Hanabishi. We make it a point to only offer updated, effective, and affordable appliances that all our customers will surely love.

Other signs that you may need to replace your rice cooker: 

  • If your rice cooker has a Teflon coating and has been scratched, it’s no longer safe to use.
  • If the Teflon coating is scratched, it can put toxins into your rice while cooking, which makes you consume perfluorooctanoic acid (PFOA).
  • When you keep using your rice cooker that’s already out of date, it can contain a plastic polymer that can lead to polymer fumes, which is dangerous to human health.

Key Takeaway

It’s very usual for Pinoys to keep their rice cooker for years — even if it might not work as well as it used to. But, it’s important to keep this essential cooking appliance up-to-date. So, if you see any of these signs to buy a new rice cooker, don’t hesitate to find a replacement! 

Here at Hanabishi, we carry the best appliances for sale in the Philippines — including rice cookers! You can check our shop here to see our affordable products, or send us a message to learn more about our appliances!

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