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7 Tips On Using An Air Fryer

7 Tips On Using An Air Fryer


What are the tips on using an air fryer?

  1. Put your air fryer in a designated area
  2. Consider preheating before air frying
  3. Make a DIY oil spray
  4. Learn the right breading technique
  5. Shake the basket from time to time
  6. Always have space in the air fryer
  7. Clean your air fryer regularly
An air fryer is one of the most useful kitchen appliances for busy individuals. Just place your food inside, set the time and temperature, and leave the food to cook. When you turn it on, the hot air inside the air fryer will cook and fry your food. This means that you don’t have to worry about oil splashes. An air fryer can also fry food with less oil, which means that it can be a good alternative for health-conscious people! If you want to make the best air-fried foods, below are some tips for using an air fryer. Keep on reading!

Put Your Air Fryer In A Designated Area

Put Your Air Fryer In A Designated AreaAn air fryer is small and compact. That’s why it’s the perfect kitchen appliance if you have limited space. For instance, the 3.2liter Hanabishi Air Fryer HAFRYER32 is perfect for apartments and condominiums that have limited counter space. Other than that, you can also consider the Hanabishi Air Fryer HAFEO23SS if you don’t want multiple appliances in your kitchen as it can do the air frying, baking, and many more! Remember that you must always keep your air fryer on a level and heat-resistant countertop to prevent it from toppling over. Check if there are at least a few inches of space around the appliance, especially where the exhaust vent is found.

Consider Preheating Before Air Frying

When you’re deep-frying food in a pan of oil, you pre-heat the oil first before you fry the food. It’s also common to pre-heat kitchen appliances — like the oven — before cooking. You can also do this with an air fryer if you’d like, to ensure faster cooking. It might also depend on the recipe you’re following.  To pre-heat your air fryer, all you need to do is to set it to the temperature that you plan to cook in. You only need to do this for a few minutes. After that, you can place your food in and start cooking!  

Make A DIY Oil Spray

You can use a bit of oil on some foods to make them more crispy, especially if your ingredients don’t have much fat in them in the first place. When using an air fryer, you can spray some light coating of oil on vegetables and battered seafood. It’s beneficial to have a kitchen spray bottle with oil on it. This is usually a better choice than commercial oil sprays in cans that have substances that can damage the coating of air fryer baskets. 

Learn The Right Breading Technique

For many people, the main reason to get an air fryer is to fry foods such as breaded chicken, breaded pork chop, or breaded shrimp. That’s why breading is an important technique you need to learn when using an air fryer.  To do this, you can coat your ingredients with flour, egg, and breadcrumbs. Ensure that the breadcrumbs are firmly pressed into the food to prevent them from flying off inside the air fryer.   

Shake The Basket From Time To Time

If you’re frying smaller items such as fries, potato wedges, or even chicken wings, don’t forget to shake the air fryer basket from time to time. This ensures that the food you’re cooking can be evenly cooked.  For larger items, you can use tongs to flip the food. This ensures better browning for the food. You can also spray the food with oil halfway through the cooking to get a better crisp.  

Always Have Space In The Air Fryer

Always Have Space In The Air FryerWhen cooking with your air fryer, it’s best to avoid overcrowding. Adding too much food inside the fryer can block the air, preventing it from circulating and properly cooking the food. To ensure that your food becomes crispy, it’s best to cook large amounts of food in batches. You can also consider investing in a bigger air fryer! If you’re looking for a bigger air fryer, you can take a look at the Hanabishi Air Fryer 30L HAFEO30SS. It has a 30 liters capacity, so you can cook more foods in one go! It’s large enough to cook a 4-pound chicken, bake a 12-inch pizza, or toast 6 slices of bread.   

Clean Your Air Fryer Regularly

It’s recommended to clean your air fryer after every use to remove any oil residue that can cause smoke when cooking. You can simply wipe off the oil with a paper towel. You can also consult the manual on which parts could be washed or are dishwasher safe. 

Key Takeaway

Follow these tips for using an air fryer to make the best foods in your kitchen appliance! Once you get the hang of it, using an air fryer will be very easy. Just remember to clean it afterward so that it’s ready for cooking anytime you’re hungry.  If you’re looking for high-quality and budget-friendly air fryers in the market, you can find them here at Hanabishi! To make your shopping experience easier, you can check out our official store at the Lazada Mall

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