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6 Tips For Organizing Your Refrigerator

6 Tips For Organizing Your Refrigerator


What are some tips on organizing your refrigerator?

  1. Choose the right refrigerator
  2. Put the most used items in the front
  3. Take note of the refrigerator zones
  4. Have dedicated compartments for meat and produce
  5. Invest in organizers
  6. Remember to clean and declutter regularly

If you use social media platforms often, you might have watched some videos on refrigerator organization. The sounds of packaging being opened and trays being refilled are so relaxing. You won’t even notice that hours have gone by while you’re watching! The good news is, you can achieve the same level of organization with the right kitchen appliance, some knowledge on food safety, and a bunch of organizers! Keep on reading for some tips for organizing your refrigerator

Choose The Right Refrigerator

Make sure that you’re choosing an appliance that can handle all the food and drinks you need to store and organize. This is because overfilling a refrigerator can lead to a blocked airflow. There won’t be enough space for the cold air to flow through, so some of your food and drinks won’t stay chilled. Other than that, the appliance will work harder to try to keep the contents cool, leading to reduced energy efficiency. 

Other than the capacity, check if the compartments and shelving are enough. Do you need a double-door appliance with a separate freezer? If you have a large family, you can consider the Hanabishi HASBSREF 18SSINV. It has a side-by-side door and plenty of shelving inside!

Put The Most Used Items In The Front

Can’t seem to find that new ketchup that you just bought a week ago? The trick to refrigerator organization is to stash all the regularly used products at the front. Choose the eye-level shelf for this step. This way, you’ll save time when preparing meals or when you’re in a hurry. 

The same applies to leftovers. This way, you can reduce food waste and lessen your trips to the groceries! Other than that, make sure to remove the products that don’t need refrigeration to save space. 

Take Note Of The Refrigerator Zones

Speaking of reducing waste, it’s recommended to know how your fridge works. For example, you might be inclined to store your milk on the door shelves for easy access. But this part of the refrigerator is the warmest, so milk, eggs, and other fresh items will easily spoil if you store them in this area. Instead, store them in the middle or bottom shelf of the fridge, where there’s a constant cold temperature.

The shelves on the door should be used for condiments, which are usually high in vinegar and salt — which means that they won’t easily spoil. Other than that, the drawers are ideal for storing fruits and vegetables because the humidity is more controlled in this area. 

Have Dedicated Compartments For Meat And Produce

Raw food and ingredients need to be stored separately to avoid cross-contamination. When you get home from the grocery, take off the plastic packaging from the fruits and vegetables before storing them in the fridge. This helps prevent molds from developing and also helps with proper airflow!

For the meat, make sure to store them in the freezer compartment or the lowest part of the fridge, where it’s the coldest. It also helps prevent the juices from dripping into other foods and drinks. For the best results, you can use a tray to contain the liquids!

Invest In Organizers

Organizers can help in keeping your refrigerator clean and clutter-free, whether you have a smaller appliance such as the Hanabishi HASREF 60S or have a larger refrigerator. Glass and plastic containers are a great option because you can easily stack them and see the contents inside. 

For condiments, spreads, and jams, you can use a lazy Susan or revolving organizer. This way, nothing will get pushed back to the back of the fridge and end up not being used. By using bins and baskets, you can also store similar items together for easier access.

Remember To Clean And Declutter Regularly

It’s understandable that your refrigerator won’t always be perfect. Over time, some products will get misplaced, or food particles will settle on the trays and bins. Some items will also get expired without you knowing. For all these reasons, set aside time each week (or at least twice a month) to declutter and clean your refrigerator.

Here’s a pro tip: Use water-resistant liners on the bottom of the drawers and shelves. This way, you can easily wash off crumbs, drips, and other contaminants without too much effort!

Key Takeaway

Follow these tips for organizing your refrigerator, so you can keep food fresher for longer, reduce food waste, and access ingredients quickly when you need them! If you’re looking for a new refrigerator for your home, you can check out our products here at Hanabishi! We offer plenty of options — from personal, double-door, side-by-side refrigerators, to beverage chillers and freezers!

If you’re interested in our kitchen appliances, you can also check out the official Hanabishi store at the Lazada Mall. This way, you can have your orders delivered quickly to your home!

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