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Washing Machine vs Hand Washing: Which is Better?

Washing Machine vs Hand Washing: Which is Better?


In what ways do machine washing and hand washing differ?

  1. Capacity
  2. Speed
  3. Usability
  4. Clothes safety
  5. Water conservation

When you’re doing laundry, do you ever wonder, “Which laundry technique will help me wash more and save more? Is it using a washing machine or hand washing?”

Well, both washing machines and handwashing techniques have unique and competitive advantages on their own, which means that one laundry technique could be a better choice for some aspects of laundry than the other and vice versa.

In this article, we will elaborate on how the two laundry techniques differ from each other, so read on as we dive right into washing machine vs handwashing.



When talking about capacity, the winner here is the washing machine. Why?

A washing machine can hold up to 33 pounds of laundry per load, just like what Hanabishi’s Twin Tub Washing Machine can do. That means that you can soak and wash a heavy load of laundry of the same type or category all at once without having to do so by batch, unlike when doing your laundry by hand. If the amount of your laundry is too much, using a washing machine will significantly reduce your batching.

Moreover, unlike manual handwashing, a washing machine has more turbo power that can equate to the cleaning power of ten hands. When you use a washing machine, you also benefit from advanced features that let you do the chore more efficiently. With a washing machine, it is possible to automate your laundry work. That’s not something you can do with handwashing!

Compared to handwashing, a washing machine requires you to use fewer basins and maximize your laundry space. Some washing machines also come with built-in dryers, which can provide you with even more convenience.


A washing machine also tops handwashing when it comes to the duration of your washing time.

When using a washing machine, you are consuming less time as well as significantly reducing your laundry efforts. When you wash your laundry by hand, it could take you up to hours depending on the amount of laundry that has piled up in your laundry basket.

Additionally, due to the high capacity and ultra-performance of a washing machine, you can leave it for a while and do some other chores or simply take a rest, which you will barely achieve when you’re on your short laundry stool and stuck in position manually rubbing your clothes.

The time efficiency of using a washing machine can also help you get some rest earlier and save your hands from scarring due to prolonged hours of handwashing.



If we’re going to determine the effectiveness of the two based on the availability—or absence—of electricity, this time, handwashing wins.

During times we have electricity, yes, the washing machine catches all the chances to shine. However, when there’s an unexpected power outage or if, unfortunately, you forgot to pay your electricity bill, what can your washing machine do?

Using a washing machine is only applicable when there is electricity. Meanwhile, whether you have electricity or not in your home or village, you always have the option to hand wash your clothes. Washing your laundry by hand is not heavily reliant on the use of electricity like a washing machine and hence, it is electricity-efficient.

Fortunately, aside from the Hanabishi Twin Tub Washing Machine, which has a great load capacity and is an energy saver as well, we also have the Hanabishi Fully Automatic Washing Machine Eco-Inverter that can save up to 35 percent of electricity consumption, unlike ordinary washing machines.

Clothes Safety

Some cloth materials require TLC, or “tender loving care”, which basically discourages you from submerging them into tremendous pressure like what can be found in a washing machine. That said, handwashing also wins this round.

Due to the types and varying materials used in the production of certain items of clothing, there are laundry instructions that—as much as possible—discourage the use of washing machines and instead, suggestively prefer a delicate hand wash.

Furthermore, hand washing can help prevent your clothes from tangling after laundry, which you might encounter when you run them in a washing machine or a dryer. Provided that some clothing and cloth materials require strict TLC, you have to read their labels carefully before throwing them into the washing.

Water Conservation

Handwashing uses less water than a washing machine does. If you’re trying to save up water or lower your water consumption bill, opt for handwashing; that will only require you more time and physical labor, though.

When you wash your clothes by hand, you can practically set aside all the bubbly water you have used in your laundry and keep it for later use such as flushing your toilet or gardening. Handwashing also helps you limit your usage of water by allowing you to use considerably smaller amounts of detergents, unlike washing machines that usually require a certain level of water to function.

Don’t worry too much, though. Although the water from a washing machine usually goes down the drain, there’s a way you can gather this water for use instead. Set up a collection tank where all the greywater can go, then use it to water your plants or flush your toilets. This way, you ensure that the water doesn’t go to waste.

Key Takeaway

Doing laundry is a heavy, challenging task. With the right tool that works best for you, however, you can relieve its heaviness and make your way around more efficiently. So which is better, using a washing machine vs. hand washing?

The truth is, it’s up to you. Different techniques benefit different kinds of fabrics, and some clothes need more care than others. If you’re a mom who loves to take care of your family’s clothes, here are some laundry tips for moms like you.

You also want to keep your washing machine in good condition, so here are some maintenance tips for your washing machine and signs that you may need to buy a new one. When you buy your washing machine or a new appliance, make sure to buy only from the best appliance store in the Philippines!

To learn more about us and our products, just send a message to Hanabishi or visit our Shopee and Lazada stores!

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