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9 White Kitchen Appliances For A #TeamPuti Home

9 White Kitchen Appliances For A #TeamPuti Home


What are the best white kitchen appliances for a #TeamPuti home?

  1. Hanabishi Double Burner Gas Stove G7HA
  2. Hanabishi Electric Stove HES120FC
  3. Hanabishi Turbo Broiler HTB130
  4. Hanabishi Griller HGRILL100
  5. Hanabishi Jar Type Rice Cooker HJC28
  6. Hanabishi Microwave Oven HMO20G2
  7. Hanabishi Water Dispenser HFSWD3200
  8. Hanabishi Sandwich Maker HSM10S
  9. Hanabishi Dish Washer With UV Sterilizer HDISHWASH35UV

An all-white kitchen looks so clean, hygienic, and sophisticated. From the white kitchen counter tiles, fixtures, cabinets, table, and appliances — the overall look is elegant and classy. It matches any style, whether you’re going for a modern, youthful, or fancy theme. Because the color white tends to reflect light, your space will look bigger and brighter. It also serves as a perfect backdrop for unique kitchen decor. If you’re a fan of #TeamPuti, you should consider these white kitchen appliances from Hanabishi. Read on!

Hanabishi Double Burner Gas Stove G7HA

First, let’s start with an all-white stove. After all, it is probably going to be one of the most-used appliances in your kitchen! Hanabishi Double Burner Gas Stove G7HA features a white top, which is easy to clean after cooking. For only 1,400 pesos, you’re getting durable and safe to use a gas stove that you can use to cook your daily meals!

Hanabishi Electric Stove HES120FC

If you live in a condominium, then you might be only allowed to use an electric stove. If that’s the case, then you should look into the Hanabishi Electric Stove HES120FC. It’s small and compact too, so it should fit small kitchens without any problem. It features one 8-inch hot plate and a 6-inch coil. If you prefer a dual coil stove, you can also check out the Hanabishi Electric Stove HES100.

Hanabishi Turbo Broiler HTB130

Looking for an aesthetically pleasing and functional kitchen appliance? Get the best of both worlds if you buy the Hanabishi Turbo Broiler HTB130. The container is made of a tough tempered glass pot that can withstand heat. Because it’s made of transparent glass, you can see if your food is already cooked. Use it to cook chicken, crispy liempo, french fries, cake, and more!

Hanabishi Griller HGRILL100

Craving for Korean Barbecue but don’t want to go out? If that’s the case, it’s time to take home the Hanabishi Griller HGRILL100. Just like the rest of the appliances on this list, this griller features an all-white design that is perfect for your #TeamPuti kitchen! Best of all, it has a glass lid, so you can reduce the barbecue smell in your home. It comes with a removable oil drip tray, so you can keep your all-white table clean and mess-free.

Hanabishi Jar Type Rice Cooker HJC28

Now that you have your appliances to cook your ulam, you can’t forget your all-white rice cooker! Get the 2.8-liter capacity Hanabishi Jar Type Rice Cooker HJC28 for only 1,705 pesos, and you can serve up to 15 persons. Aside from rice, you can also use it to cook congee and soup. It also comes with a steamer too!

If you need more size options, you can also check out the Hanabishi Rice Cooker HHRCFS which is available in 7 size capacities.

Hanabishi Microwave Oven HMO20G2

A responsible cook knows how to reduce food waste. You can do this with the all-white Hanabishi Microwave Oven HMO20G2. This 20-liter microwave has 6 power levels you can use to reheat your leftovers, make mug recipes, melt chocolate, and more! It also comes with a useful defrost function, so you don’t have to wait long when thawing your ingredients.

Hanabishi Water Dispenser HFSWD3200

To ensure that you and your family are drinking 8 glasses of water a day, you need to make clean drinking water available anytime. Whether you prefer them hot or cold — the Hanabishi Water Dispenser HFSWD3200 can increase your intake of liquids compared to before. And best of all, it’s available in an all-white design!

Hanabishi Sandwich Maker HSM10S

Craving some snacks in the middle of the day? How about some toasted sandwiches? You can put your preferred filling — whether it’s chocolate, ham and cheese, or burger! The Hanabishi Sandwich Maker HSM10S has a non-stick toasting surface, so it’s easy to clean.

Hanabishi Dish Washer With UV Sterilizer HDISHWASH35UV

Do you want to make your kitchen more modern? If that’s the case, you won’t go wrong with the Hanabishi Dish Washer With UV Sterilizer HDISHWASH35UV. Aside from its modern design, it also comes with smart features to help make your dishwashing chore easier! With 4 wash options — normal, rapid, economic, intensive glass — you can wash your dishes more efficiently. It also features a 70C high-temperature disinfection and UV lamp for sterilizing.

Key Takeaway

If you’re looking for white kitchen appliances, you can find them here at Hanabishi! Made from durable materials and available for affordable prices — you can get the best value for your money when you choose our products. Aside from the products mentioned above, feel free to browse our product categories here at the website for more options.

If you’re having difficulty finding the #TeamPuti products mentioned above in physical stores, you can also check out our appliances at the Lazada Mall.

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