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Appliances For Your Food Business Venture

Appliances For Your Food Business Venture


What are the appliances good for food business ventures?

  1. Refrigerators and Freezers
  2. Commercial Rice Cookers
  3. Stoves or Induction Cookers
  4. Cookers and Steamers
  5. Ovens and Mixers
  6. Air Pots and Water Dispensers
  7. Dish Washers and Sterilizers

The new year provides new opportunities to everyone. Say hello to a more positive mindset this 2021! Whether you’re looking for more cooking gigs or becoming a food entrepreneur, look at the coming year with hope and start fresh. To help you, here is a list of appliances for your food business. Read on!

Refrigerators and Freezers


Whether you’re opening an online business or a full-blown restaurant, the first appliance on your list should be food storage. If you have enough space in your personal refrigerator, that could do for a while. But as your business grows, you may need to invest in a larger capacity fridge. 

Without these appliances, you have to buy ingredients daily. Food will also easily spoil without it. If you prefer to display your baking creations and special drinks you can do so with the Beverage Showcase Chiller HBVSCH 6. Storing meat and ice cream? You may benefit more if you have a Chest Freezer HCHFXING37.

Commercial Rice Cookers

Planning to serve packed meals? Even if you have a small canteen, you will need a heavy-duty rice cooker to keep up with heavy-volume of orders. This is especially true in the Philippines where rice is a staple and people frequently asks for second servings. 

The Rice Cooker HHRCGSS is available in different capacities and can cook up to 10 liters of rice. Aside from this, it can also be used to make congee and soup if you plan to open your very own lugawan. If you need to store a lot of rice, you can also rely on the Rice Warmer HHRW1200SS, which can feed up to 100 people!

Stoves or Induction Cookers

Kitchen Stove

Whether you prefer stoves or induction cookers, it is a necessity if you want to open a food business. Whether you’re preparing Filipino crowd favorites like  sinigang, kaldereta, and menudo, or melting your chocolate syrup for your baked desserts, this appliance can undoubtedly assist you in the kitchen.

The Gas Stove GS 1000G is a double burner gas stove that already has a griller in the middle. You can also opt for the Electric Stove HES 120FC which has a coil and hot plate on each side. To heat food faster, you can choose the Induction Cooker HIC 200.

Cookers and Steamers

Cooking food for many people can be tiring and time-consuming. To make it more convenient, you can rely on kitchen appliances that speed up the process. For example, the Deep Fryer 40SS can prepare crispier fried food. On the other hand, the Pressure Cooker HPC will trap more pressure inside the pot, which leads to a juicer, more tender meat.

To keep siomai and siopao warmer for longer, you can also use a food steamer. The Food Steamer HFS 45 has 3 layers, so you can store more food or separate different types.

Ovens and Mixers

Are you planning your first homemade baking business or expanding to a physical shop? As a baker, you need to invest in larger ovens and heavy-duty mixers. This is the foundation of your baked goods, so you need to choose products that will last a long time.

Capable of mixing up to 4.8 liters of batter, the Professional Mixer HPM500 only runs on 600 watts. It also has 8 speeds so you can easily adjust it if you have a thicker mixture. Cooking a lot of cookies and Basque burnt cheesecake? You can rely on the 90-liter Electric Oven HEO90RSS.

Air pots and Water Dispensers

If you’re planning on opening a canteen or a restaurant, both air pots and water dispensers are necessary appliances for your establishment. This gives you access to hot and cold water anytime, which can be used for coffee, tea, and juices. It is also better for the environment by lessening plastic waste from water bottles.

You can find smaller capacity air pots in the Hanabishi online store. But for 10 liters of boiling water, you can’t go wrong with the Percolator HPERCO 15SS. For both hot and cold water you can choose the Water Dispenser HTTWD300.

Dish Washers and Sterilizers

Dish Washers and Sterilizers

You know how easy it is for soiled dishes to pile up. Remember that as a food business owner, cleanliness is very important. To keep up with all of the cookware, plates, and utensils, you can invest in Hanabishi’s newest dishwasher, the Dish Washer HDISHWASH50SS, which can be easily installed in your kitchen. 

It has 6 washing programs and even features a hot wash for additional sterilization. The 360-degree spray system will ensure that all corners will be cleaned. If you prefer an additional dish sterilizer you can look into the Dish Sterilizer HDS 23CUFT, which has a lot of ample space for all your kitchen wares.

Key Takeaway

These appliances for your food business can make kitchen preparations more convenient and hassle-free. With Hanabishi, you can choose from basic to more advanced appliances that fit your budget. Those who are just starting can opt for affordable options that don’t sacrifice quality and durability. On the other hand, those who plan to expand their operations can invest in products with bigger capacities.

You can check the whole catalog of products in Hanabishi’s online shop. Your orders will be shipped within 7 to 14 days depending on your location. If you have any questions and inquiries, you can send a message here.

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