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5 Best Hand Mixers To Buy In The Philippines

5 Best Hand Mixers To Buy In The Philippines


What are the best hand mixers to buy in the Philippines?

  1. Best Overall Hand Mixer: HANABISHI HAND MIXER HHMB1600SS
  3. Best For A Budget:  HAND MIXER HHM51
  4. Best For Beginners: HAND MIXER HHM53SS
  5. Most Aesthetic: HAND MIXER HHMB120SS

Buying handheld mixers in the Philippines is one of the best investments you can make because it makes everyday cooking and baking easier. You can whip, mix, and beat ingredients in a hassle-free manner. Cooking processes can be done faster than the time it takes manually. 

Indeed, a hand mixer is an essential appliance that every kitchen needs. But with so many models available on the market, how do you know which one is right to spend your money on? Here, we’ve rounded up a list of the best handheld mixers to help you with your purchase.

Best Overall Hand Mixer: HANABISHI HAND MIXER HHMB1600SS

The HANABISHI HAND MIXER HHMB1600SS earned the best overall hand mixer title because of its functionality and design. 

It is equipped with a 3.5-liter large capacity mixing bowl, making it the ideal kitchen partner for cooks who want to bake for those who wish to cook big batches of cookies, bread, cakes, and much more. With a chrome-plated beater and dough hooks, you can effortlessly mix your ingredients

Furthermore, the hand mixer comes with 5 turbo speed control options. If you wish to power up the function, there are buttons at the top to adjust it. To eject the beaters, there is a one-touch easy ejector, unlike common hand mixers that require pulling a handle under the shaft.  

This hand mixer falls nothing short of innovative given its self-rotating mixing bowl as well. You don’t have to monitor the appliance while mixing ingredients, simply place the bowl in the stand and you’re free to do other tasks at hand. 

Overall, the functionality of the HANABISHI HAND MIXER HHMB1600SS sets it apart from others.


No matter what type of cook you are — from beginner to expert — the HANABISHI HAND MIXER HHM55SS will suit your needs. 

If you didn’t already know, different ingredients require various mixing processes. For this reason, the manufacturer designed the hand mixer with 2 chrome-plated beaters and 2 dough hooks. The versatile attachments are especially useful for cooking food that requires whisking, mixing, and kneading. It can be used for both delicate and heavy baked goods alike.

In addition, there are 5-speed control settings and a turbo function that offers a quick boost of power at any speed. Another feature worth noting is the one-touch easy beater ejectors. You can release the attachments with ease using the button located at the top of the handle. 

Best For A Budget: HAND MIXER HHM51

At Hanabishi, we create affordable kitchen appliances that help make cooking easier every time. Our HAND MIXER HHM51 is everyone’s go-to! For only ₱865.00, you too can take this hand mixer home as well. But, there’s more to love about this reliable appliance than just the price. 

Powered at 150 watts, this hand mixer includes 2 dough hooks. Furthermore, it is geared with 5-speed control options with a turbo. For its price, it offers various functions that are great for all your light mixing needs. 

Best For Beginners: HAND MIXER HHM53SS

If you are a novice baker who seeks to whip up delicious goods, then the HAND MIXER HHM53SS is for you. This model is perfect for beginners because it is straightforward to use

It includes 2 dough hooks that are to be attached under the shaft. Plus, it is equipped with 3-speed options and a pulse function for mixing ingredients thoroughly. It is also lightweight so you won’t have a problem whipping up those fluffy egg whites into peaks!  

Most Aesthetic: HAND MIXER HHMB120SS

If you want all the appliances in the kitchen to look stylish, then you won’t regret buying the HAND MIXER HHMB120SS. It is designed with pastel pink and white colors that look striking. Guaranteed this hand mixer will add a nice pop of color to your kitchen. 

The model does not fail to meet quality and functionality. It can easily knead, whisk, mix, and whip ingredients with its 7-speed control option. Plus, it includes a one-touch beater ejection button for easy removal. Inside there are 2 dough hooks and 2 chrome-plated beaters as well. 

Key Takeaway

Hand mixers can make cooking tasks easier. With just a click, you can whip up cakes, cookies, bread, and even delicious everyday dishes using this reliable kitchen appliance. 

If you are looking for the best handheld mixers in the Philippines, the five we have stated above will surely give value for your money. At Hanabishi, our mission is to help you with your cooking experiences. We have a wide range of handheld mixers on our website. Click here to purchase the right one for you today!

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