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How To Reduce Smoke From Grilling

How To Reduce Smoke From Grilling


How do you reduce the smoke from grilling?

  1. Check your griller for broken parts
  2. Heat your brand-new griller 
  3. Get rid of the residue before grilling
  4. Choose the right coal for grilling
  5. Select low-fat ingredients
  6. Improve your grilling techniques
  7. Use a smokeless griller

Smoke is a part of the grilling experience. As long as you’re seeing white smoke, know that everything is normal. But if you see black smoke, it’s a sign that there’s something wrong. It could happen due to many reasons—burnt food, wrong charcoal, and more. But other than that, you might just want to lessen the smoke to prevent smelling like BBQ afterward. If you want to learn how to reduce the smoke from grilling, keep on reading!

Check Your Griller For Broken Parts

If you’re using an old griller, then chances are high that the smoke is caused by broken parts. This happens when you have an electric grill. To check this, try to switch off the grill. Allow it to cool down before turning it back on again. Wait for a few minutes and see if a red glowing spot appears. This means that there is a broken heating part that causes a build-up of excess heat and smoke. If this happens, have your griller repaired or replaced immediately. 

Heat Your Brand New Griller 

Heat your brand-new griller

You bought a new griller to replace your old one, but you might be wondering why the smoke problem still persists. This is no cause for concern as some coating products used on the kitchen appliance causes smoke to emit when you use it for the first time. Consult your manual for this information. It’s likely that there is an instruction to heat your griller for a few minutes first before using it. After the smoke is eliminated, you can cook like normal!

Get Rid Of The Residue Before Grilling

One of the reasons why there’s too much smoke when you’re grilling is because there are some food remains on the appliance. If you haven’t cleaned it properly, the remnants will burn and produce smoke. 

If you’re interested in cleaning your grill, disassemble it first. This way, you can clean the drippings and food debris below the grates. Scrape off the grates with a brush and wipe off the residue. Ensure that all the parts are dry before cooking. If you’re using an electric BBQ griller with a flat cooking plate, you can use a paper towel to get rid of oils and food remains. Consult your manufacturer’s manual for the complete instructions.

Choose The Right Coal For Grilling

Choose the right coal for grilling

If you’re cooking with a traditional charcoal grill, the coal you use will affect the amount of smoke produced. Make sure that the charcoal is dry before heating it up. Expect it to produce plenty of smoke after lighting. But after it glows and turns to gray, the smoke will lessen.

Other than a charcoal grill, you should also consider a gas grill to reduce the smoke emission. One option is the Hanabishi 3in1 Portable Griller/Cooker Gas Stove HPORTGRCOOK3IN1.

Select Low-Fat Ingredients

Depending on the ingredients you grill, the amount of smoke you get will vary. For example, fatty meat will drip more, causing more smoke to be produced. If you’re cooking meat, choose lean cuts instead. Go for chicken breasts, low-fat ground beef, and more. You can ask the person at the butcher shop to trim off the excess fat.

Improve Your Grilling Techniques

Improve Your Grilling Techniques

If you’re a beginner in grilling, your cooking method might be the reason why your appliance produces large amounts of smoke. For instance, you might be leaving the meat for too long which causes parts of it to burn. Here are some tips on how to grill your food to reduce smoke:

Use A Smokeless Griller

One of the most convenient ways to reduce smoke is to use a smokeless griller. These have special features that can produce minimal to zero smoke. Here are some options:

Hanabishi Smokeless Indoor Grill HSMOKELESS50

This non-stick ceramic plate griller has a built-in exhaust fan and glass cover that can reduce the amount of smoke that goes to your hair and clothes. It also comes with a removable drip tray to help you get rid of excess fat. 

Hanabishi Smokeless Infrared Griller HLRV-INFGRILL725

This kitchen appliance requires no oil, so you can reduce the amount of smoke produced from grilling. All the grease is collected in a reservoir. The grill pan is also non-stick so you can clean it easily to get rid of food residue. But what makes it special is the innovative halogen 3-way heating and the automatic rotation grill pan. You can also use the accessories included—frying pan, bbq rack, grilling pan, or extended ring.

Key Takeaway

You can follow these tips on how to reduce smoke from grilling, effectively lessening BBQ smelling-hair, cooking healthier food, and maintaining the cleanliness of your home. 

But if you’re interested, you can also invest in a smokeless grill so you can lessen your worries about excess smoke. If you’re having trouble finding the above-mentioned variants in physical stores, you can buy them from the Hanabishi store at the LazMall.

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