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How To Save On Your AC Bill this Summer

How To Save On Your AC Bill this Summer


What are some tips on how to save on your AC bill this summer?

  1. Turn off your AC when not in use
  2. Adjust your thermostat
  3. Keep windows and doors closed
  4. Use fans for better air circulation
  5. Use an energy-efficient AC
  6. Have your AC checked regularly


  • Investing in energy-efficient AC units helps save on AC bills while providing comfort during hot months.
  • Turn off when not in use, adjust the thermostat, keep doors/windows closed, use fans, choose energy-efficient AC, regular maintenance. These strategies help you save on your AC bill while staying comfortable during the summer months.

As summer arrives, dealing with the heat and high electricity bills from continuous AC use becomes a challenge. Many find it hard to cut down on AC use, leading to higher energy bills. Nowadays, most homes have more than one air conditioner running for long hours to beat the heat, driving up electricity costs.

Even though newer AC models are more energy-efficient compared to older ones, the combination of rising temperatures and an increased number of people in a household means air conditioners are used more. Let us explore the ways how to save on your ac bill this summer.

Turn Off Your AC When Not In Use

Turn Off Your AC When Not In Use

Turn off your AC at the main power outlet or unplug it to save on electricity and prolong its lifespan. Use the timer to automatically shut it off overnight and conserve energy.

ACs with timers, like the Hanabishi Inverter Window Type Airconditioner, let you control when your home cools down, making sure it’s comfortable when you need it without wasting energy. This smart feature helps save on electricity bills by turning the air conditioner off when it’s not needed, like during the night or when you’re not home.

Adjust Your Thermostat

Adjusting your air conditioner to 18.3 degrees Celsius may enhance your sleep by supporting your body’s internal clock. This setting eliminates the need for an additional cooling source, offering a balance of comfort and efficiency. Moreover, maintaining this moderate temperature can lead to lower electricity consumption compared to cooler settings, reducing your energy bill.

Keep Windows and Doors Closed

Before you switch on your air conditioner, make sure that windows and doors are securely shut to prevent the escape of cool air. Use curtains or blinds to shield your room from sunlight throughout the day, as it can cause the temperature to rise and force your AC to use more energy. Opting for heavy curtains or blinds helps in maintaining a cooler room environment, effectively decreasing the demand on your AC and lowering your energy bills.

Use Fans for Better Air Circulation

Use Fans for Better Air Circulation

To save on your AC bill this summer, consider investing in energy-efficient cooling alternatives like Hanabishi fans.

For instance, instead of running your air conditioner constantly, you can use the High Velocity Industrial Stand Fan HVISF20BLK to cool large spaces effectively with its powerful airflow and adjustable height feature. Similarly, the Air Circulator Fan HACF88 offers personalized comfort with dual fans, independent speed control, and thermal fuse protection.

Additionally, the compact Rotator Fan RF16R provides targeted cooling with its oscillating function and thermal fuse-protected motor. With Hanabishi fans, you can stay cool and comfortable while minimizing energy consumption and reducing your electricity bill.

Use an Energy-Efficient AC

Nine out of ten homebuyers prefer homes with features that save on energy, looking for better heating, cooling, doors, and siding. Buying a new, efficient air conditioner is seen as a good investment, leading to about a 7.8% savings in energy use. With today’s state-of-the-art AC features, you will surely find a unit that provides comfort and savings at the same time.

The Hanabishi Inverter Split Type AC offers up to 60% energy savings. This air conditioner, with a capacity of 1.5 HP, features a 4-way air deflection system that enhances airflow and maintains consistent room temperatures. Additionally, its 24-hour on/off timer increases the opportunity for savings.

Have Your AC Checked Regularly

Regular AC maintenance, like cleaning or replacing air filters and getting professional tune-ups, boosts your system’s efficiency. This cuts down on energy use and helps your AC last longer. Keeping your AC in top shape means it runs better, saves you money on energy bills, and avoids big repair costs down the line.

To keep an air conditioner running smoothly and efficiently over its lifetime, it's essential to regularly maintain its filters, coils, and fins. Without this upkeep, the performance of the air conditioner will gradually decrease, while its energy consumption will rise.

Key Takeaway

Investing in energy-efficient air conditioning units will help you save on your ac bill while providing maximum comfort during the hot months. Hanabishi, the leading provider of high-quality appliances in the Philippines, has an outstanding selection of air conditioners, fans, and other products designed to help you stay cool during the summer. Contact us today or explore our collection of appliances.

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