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6 Kitchen Appliances For A Healthier Lifestyle

6 Kitchen Appliances For A Healthier Lifestyle


What are the kitchen appliances for a healthier lifestyle?

  1. Air Fryer
  2. Juicer
  3. Steamer
  4. Griller
  5. Oven
  6. Water Dispenser

Choosing your food mindfully plays a big role in living a healthy lifestyle. But, let’s admit it, many of us only have limited time to cook. Additionally, some of us only know how to cook simple meals. That’s why people rely on store-bought food to provide themselves with their healthy dishes. While there are healthy choices out there, most of these can be very expensive. Good news! With Hanabishi, staying fit doesn’t have to break the bank. You can use these kitchen appliances for a healthier lifestyle. 

They are extremely easy to use. It doesn’t take so much of your time to cook with these as well. These are life-changing for those who want to live healthier. Keep on reading!

Air Fryer

Likely, you have already heard what an air fryer is. With all the raves for the Hanabishi Hafeo 23ss, you probably know someone who owns one. But if you don’t have an idea about this kitchen appliance, then you came to the right place. 

An air fryer can fry your favorite dishes without the excessive use of oil. Lumpia, kamote fries, and tilapia—all the food you can fry using your pan can be handled by this kitchen appliance. You can lessen the cholesterol that you consume. And the resulting dishes are just as good. To add to that, all you need to do is simply wait for it to cook. You can do your errands in between. 


Hanabishi Juicer

Are your children hesitant to eat fruits and vegetables? If you want to increase their intake of these healthy ingredients, a juicer deserves a spot in your kitchen. Simply put in all the fruits and vegetables you want them to eat, and it will turn out exactly like store-bought juice. 

For as low as 1,565 pesos, you have this kitchen appliance and have your whole family stay happy and healthy. 


Steaming is one of the best ways to retain the beneficial nutrients and flavor in food. Plus, you don’t need to add any oil. 

So, the next time you cook your meals, try steaming. Aside from vegetables, you can also cook meat and fish in this kitchen appliance. Use it to make siopao, embutido, and fish. Not only is it healthier, but it also preserves the color and vibrancy of food which is perfect for that instagramable food post. It is also easy and quick to do!


Hanabishi Griller

Do you like barbecued foods? Grilling is a healthier alternative to frying, but you also need to choose the food you cook. Instead of fatty pork and beef, opt for lean cuts. Flavor it with your best homemade marinade, and you’re good to go!

Aside from the meat, you can cook a lot of fruits and vegetables along with it. You can try the grilled pinakbet, ensaladang talong, grilled corn, and chicken inasal. Using the Hanabishi HGRILL100, you don’t need to buy charcoal to enjoy your favorite grilled foods. It’s safe and condominium-friendly as well! You can also easily adjust the temperature while using the knob. 


If you don’t have an oven yet, this might be the sign that you need to buy one. It is one of the staple appliances you need to have in your kitchen as it can be used to make a lot of different meals. Like most of the appliances on this list, it can also cook food with the use of minimal oil. The difference is it has a bigger capacity, so you can cook more food for your whole family.

You can make rotisserie chicken, roasted vegetables, cauliflower adobo, and roasted maya-maya! An oven can make difficult meals to sumptuous and easy to cook recipes. It is proven and tested by many mothers.

Water Dispenser

Hanabishi water dispenser

It may be a simple home appliance, but a water dispenser is a very useful item to keep your family healthy at home. Most of the time, you can forget to drink enough liquids to keep yourself hydrated. This can happen due to stress at work, a packed schedule for chores, and not having ice-cold water ready. 

With a water dispenser, you and your family have access to both cold and hot water anytime. You can use it to make your coffee, tea, or milk. Children will also be encouraged to drink more because they don’t have to ask their mom to pour water for them from the refrigerator. It is energy-saving, so you don’t need to worry about electricity.

Key Takeaway

Store-bought healthy meals can break the bank. Most of the time, it can only feed 1-2 people. 

If you want to lessen the unhealthy food in your home, you can opt to use these kitchen appliances for a healthier lifestyle. Aside from this, using these products will also make your food preparation faster and easier. You can recreate your favorite meals from restaurants and feed your whole family for the same amount of money.

If you’re interested in purchasing these kitchen appliances, go to the Hanabishi online store now to have them delivered to your home. 

Can’t find the Hanabishi product you’re looking for on our site? You’ll be happy to know that our appliances are also now available on our LazMall flagship store. Wherever you are in the Philippines, we’ve got you covered. We deliver nationwide! Receive your Hanabishi products in days — directly to your doorstep. 

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