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5 Kitchen Appliances to Buy in 2024

5 Kitchen Appliances to Buy in 2024


What are the kitchen appliances to buy in 2024?

  1. Induction cooker
  2. Gas range
  3. Water dispenser with ice maker
  4. Personal blender
  5. Multi-function rice cooker


  • Modern kitchens in 2024 demand appliances that combine functionality with ease of use, streamlining everyday tasks and bringing efficiency to meal preparation.
  • Hanabishi's kitchen tools—Induction Cooker, Gas Range, Water Dispenser, Personal Blender, and Multi-function Rice Cooker—offer efficiency, style, and versatility for Filipino homes.

This year, it's time to give your kitchen a boost, especially for us Filipinos who see the kitchen as the heart of our homes. In this tech-driven world, having the right kitchen tools is key to making our cooking spaces modern and efficient.

This article is your guide to essential kitchen appliances to buy in 2024, helping you explore the features and benefits that can enhance your cooking experience. Let's dive in and discover how these innovations can transform your kitchen, making it more convenient and enjoyable for everyday Filipino households.

Induction Cooker

Induction Cooker

Welcome the New Year with the sleek Hanabishi Induction Cooker HC200, a must-have for every modern kitchen. Its slim design fits seamlessly into any space, while the high-quality ceramic plate ensures enduring performance.

With this induction cooker, you can experience 80% more cooking efficiency, making meal prep eco-friendly and economical. The intuitive LED display and eight versatile cooking functions, from slow simmering soups to sizzling deep-fries, cater to all your culinary needs. Rest easy with the overheating auto cut-off feature, ensuring safety as you cook.

Easily set how you cook with manual power levels and a timer for super convenience. Busy moms will especially like how flexible and time-saving it is. As a bonus, this comes with a free stainless pot, making it even more convenient to get started with your cooking adventures.

Gas Range

Step up your home cooking game in 2024 with the Hanabishi Gas Range HGR50CM3G1E. It's a kitchen hero with its cool black look and easy-to-use controls. This all-around appliance will make your cooking life simpler, featuring three sealed gas burners for even cooking and a handy electric hot plate for more flexibility in the kitchen.

Be assured of your safety with the oven's flame failure protection feature and benefit from the ease of electric ignition. Use the rotisserie for even cooking and the oven grill for smoky flavors. The internal lamp keeps an eye on your dishes. Our Gas Range offers style, control, and functionality – essential for home chefs aiming for kitchen excellence.

Water Dispenser with Ice Maker

This year brings an era of unprecedented convenience to your home or office with this state-of-the-art hydration station. With just a touch of the Hanabishi 2in1 Water Dispenser with Ice-maker indulge in the luxury of cold, crisp water and watch as it transforms into ice in mere minutes—8 to 10, to be precise.

Whether it’s for a refreshing beverage, a smoothie, or to cater to guests, the rapid ice-making cycle means you’re always prepared, without the wait. Operating on a mere 103 watts, this unit is as energy-efficient as it is powerful, ensuring that your utility bills stay low while your standards for refreshment soar high.

Freestanding and versatile, the Hanabishi dispenser blends with any décor, adding not just function but also form to your space. During the sweltering heat, our 2in1 Water Dispenser with an ice maker is a wise investment, providing cool relief at home. Enjoy chilled water and ice effortlessly, making it a practical choice for the country's varying weather conditions.

Personal Blender

To our ates and kuyas, a healthier 2024 is what you’re after with the convenient Hanabishi Personal Blender HPB30SS. Its 600ml capacity is perfect for quick, nutritious concoctions tailored to an active lifestyle. Blending is a snap with the straightforward On/Off switch and added safety lock.

The blender's stainless steel blades are sharp enough to handle a variety of ingredients, delivering smooth results swiftly. Equipped with a thermal fuse protector, this blender is built to last. Plus, the non-slip base ensures stability during use. Small in footprint but big in performance, it’s designed to support your health goals without fuss or mess.

Multi-function Rice Cooker

Multi-function Rice Cooker

Mamas and Titas, if you’re looking to change your rice cooker as the new year approaches, achieve effortless gourmet cooking every meal with the Hanabishi Multi-Function Rice Cooker HMC1200. Its tiny 1.2L capacity saves space and cuts down on waste, making it ideal for smaller households or single servings. Easy cleaning and healthier cooking with less oil are two benefits of the non-stick cooking pot. For those healthful steamed dishes for our lolos and lolas, a stainless steel steamer is included.

Every recipe can be perfected with one of the two heat settings, and the overheat protection feature ensures your safety and comfort. The energy-saving feature of the pilot light indicator keeps electricity bills low while providing reassurance that it is operating. This appliance is an affordable, practical answer for people with hectic schedules.

Key Takeaway

Equipping your home with these kitchen appliances to buy in 2024 is key to crafting a functional, vibrant living space. Investing in these reliable, state-of-the-art tools today means securing a future of culinary excellence and convenience for you and your family.

Trust in Hanabishi’s quality to deliver not just appliances, but lasting partners in your home's journey. Reach out to us now to bring home the essence of Filipino warmth and efficiency.

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