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Why You Should Consider Switching to Induction Cooking

Why You Should Consider Switching to Induction Cooking


Why you should switch to induction cooking?

  1. Faster cooking time
  2. Precise temperature control
  3. Safety reasons and concerns
  4. Better air quality
  5. Easier to clean


  • Induction cookers reduce your time in the kitchen because they can heat faster and clean up easier.
  • They have safety features that are perfect for homes with children and pets.
  • Unlike gas stoves, induction cookers do not emit harmful particles into the air.

For many decades, households have relied on gas stoves for family meals. Through innovations in home appliances, induction cookers are now as reliable and even better than traditional stoves in the kitchen.

Induction cooking uses electromagnetic energy to heat pots directly, unlike gas or electric stoves. It's highly efficient, delivering 80-90% of energy to food. With benefits from more convenient cooking to safety features, we look into why a switch to an induction cooker can benefit hundreds of homes across the country.

Hanabishi’s Induction Cookers

Hanabishi’s Induction Cookers

If you’re looking for high-quality and affordable induction cookers, Hanabishi has a wide range of options to choose from.

Our HIC60 Induction Cooker is perfect for solo or college dorm living. It has an 80% cooking efficiency with five functions to choose from. With this product, students or busy professionals can choose soup, fry, braise, porridge, and hotpot functions to satisfy their cravings from their student dormitories or high-rise condominiums.

For medium to big-sized families, the Twin Induction Cooker is a double-plate electric stove perfect for multitasking recipes. They are designed with easy and simple operations with physical button control and LED display. It has six cooking functions to choose from including slow-cooking options perfect for kare-kare dinners.

Advantages of Switching to Induction Cooking

Advantages of Switching to Induction Cooking

Switching to induction cooking offers you various advantages. Thus, it's prudent to contemplate incorporating this method into your household.

Faster Cooking Time

The switch to an induction cooker can be beneficial to make cooking a faster task. When you use gas stoves, most of the energy is lost in the air which means you can waste energy. With induction cookers, they are designed to only the cookware to heat up, increasing the efficiency of energy. This is because there is a more precise heating target when you pair an induction cooker and an induction-friendly pot or pan.

Apart from faster dinner or lunch cooking, they also contribute to the decrease of your energy monthly bills. This allows you and your family to save money that can be used to purchase other kitchen appliances you need.

Precise Temperature Control

Temperature control is a design you cannot get from a traditional gas stove unless you use other tools like an infrared thermometer or a pyrometer. Induction cooktops allow you to control your temperature more precisely. This is because the heat is generated inside, at the base of your cookware, making it quicker to react to any temperature change.

Because you can control your heat, it is the perfect appliance to use for delicate recipes such as soups and sauces. They also heat up evenly and consistently which helps you maximize the size of your pots and pans.

Safety Reasons and Concerns

One of the most important benefits of induction cookers for families with pets or children is its safety features. While they are the best for reaching high temperatures faster, they are also surfaces that get cooler once a pot or a pan is removed. Some units even automatically turn off if they do not detect cookware on it.

Unlike gas stoves, induction cooking can reduce the risks of burns or gas leaks. The lack of open flames also adds to the overall safety of your home.

Better Air Quality

Gas stoves contribute to pollution inside your home. They release lung irritants such as nitrogen dioxide and PM2.5, and it is worse when your cooking area is not properly ventilated. Apart from these particles, burning gas can also release chemicals like carbon monoxide and formaldehyde.

When air quality is low in households, they can increase the risk of getting diseases like asthma. To create better air quality at home, switching to induction cookers is the best option.

Easier To Clean

Induction cookers are designed to be seamless. Their surfaces are usually made of flat ceramic or glass without any gaps or grills. This means that there are no crevices that food can collect in or burn onto, making your electric stove easier to clean.

Unlike gas stoves, rust is also unlikely to form in induction cookers. Gas burners are prone to this issue because they are exposed to moisture, humidity, and oxidation.

Even with its safety features, it is important to turn off your appliance before wiping it down with a damp cloth or sponge. Making sure that it is completely dry before using it ensures the prevention of short-circuit failure.

Key Takeaway

Switching to induction cooking has many benefits from better indoor air quality to reduction of electricity bills. When households and families make the switch, they can live and use the kitchen more comfortably through faster cooking and easy cleanup.

At Hanabishi, we offer you the quality appliances you need all around your house. From kitchen to laundry, we are dedicated to making the lives of Filipinos better and easier. Contact us to inquire about appliances that will grow with you.

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