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6 Tips For Proper Garment Care

6 Tips For Proper Garment Care


What are some good tips for proper garment care?

  1. Pay Attention To Fabrics and Labels
  2. Optimize Your Washing Machine
  3. Use Mild Laundry Soaps and Detergents
  4. Careful Ironing
  5. Store Clothes Properly
  6. Invest In A High-Quality Washing Machine

If you find yourself getting rid of worn-out clothing every few years, you’re probably overlooking your garment care habits. What most people don’t realize is that clothes need care too! They may not last forever, but there are definitely things you can do to make them last longer. Taking care of your clothes will make it look as good as new AND save you from having to purchase new ones again. All it takes is tips for proper garment care. Here’s how you can keep your clothing in tip-top shape: 

Pay Attention To Fabrics and Labels

Labels on fabrics

While it may be practical to just dump everything inside the washing machine, it wouldn’t be a smart move to make if you want your clothes to last longer. 

Not all your clothes are made the same way. They are manufactured with different fabrics that require their own kind of care and have specific washing instructions. Typically, you can find this on the tags and labels of your clothing. Once you are informed about what type of care your fabrics and clothing needs, you will do a much better job at optimizing your washing machine and taking care of your clothes

Optimize Your Washing Machine

A mom choosing features on her washing machine

Washing machines are made to make your laundering convenient and easy. However, choosing the wrong settings will harm your clothes more than you realize. This is why it is wise and beneficial to invest in washing machines that have different kinds of features and settings Hanabishi HAWMD-175LX. With these kinds of washing machines, you will be able to give your clothes the meticulous care it needs.

For example, if you have a number of delicate garments, having an option of a delicate mode or time setting will benefit these vestures as this will give your clothing the exact and precise kind of washing it requires. 

Use Mild Laundry Soaps and Detergents

Mild laundry soap and detergent

If you think that your soaps and detergents don’t play a role in your garments, think again. You may be packing on too much or maybe using detergents that are too harsh for your clothing. Some detergents hold cleaning formulas that may have enticing labels but hold too many chemicals that make your clothes wear out faster. Some clothes may even feel too gummy and rough afterward. On a similar note, these can also cause skin allergies down the line.

Choose soaps and detergents that are mild and are not harmful to your clothing. Furthermore, make sure not to put in excessive amounts. When too much soap builds up in your clothing, it can lead to mold, mildew, and unpleasant smell when dried. 

Careful Ironing

A mom carefully ironing indoors

Now that we’ve tackled washing, it’s time to talk about ironing. Make sure that you are ironing with proper care as there’s a high chance that you can burn your fabric and loosen it up too much if you’re not doing it correctly. A good iron like the Hanabishi FLAT IRON HI 93CC can help you with this. It's also great for beginners. It has a thermostat control with labels to make sure that you use the right level of heat. It also has a spray function and variable continuous steam to help you with ironing.

Store Clothes Properly

Properly stored and hanged clothes

We’re done with washing and ironing, now it's time to store. The way you store your clothes also contributes to its longevity and form. Here are some no-fail tips for storing your clothes:

  • Fold your heavy sweaters and place them on a shelf instead of placing them on hangers. Because they are heavier, hanging them will stretch the fabric out and deform them easily.
  • It is best to opt for hangers with plush, thick, or wooden arms. These will help the garments that you hang keep their shape.
  • Never store your clothes in a moist place. It will encourage mold growth. 

Invest In A High-Quality Washing Machine

A high quality washing machine from Hanabishi

The washing machine that you choose will make a huge difference in longevity, wear, color, quality, and of course, the cleanliness of your clothes. Trust us, choosing a good quality washing machine is one of the best appliances worth investing in. 

Key Takeaway

We’re sure that you want your clothes to always look good as new. Try out these tips for proper garment care! You’ll come to realize how such minimal habits could make a huge difference in the wear, form, and longevity of your clothes.

If you’re looking for high-quality washing machines, there’s no better place to turn to than Hanabishi! We offer high-quality washing machines at affordable prices. We feature single tubs, double tubs, and fully automatic washing machines. We surely have one that will suit your lifestyle and personal preference. Click here to view the washing machines that we offer! 

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